Coleman Hughes on Gun Violence with David Hogg [S2 Ep.26]

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Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.

My guest today is David Hogg. David is a Gun Violence Activist and a History Major at Harvard University. He rose to national prominence after surviving the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018. He is also the Co-Author of the New York Times Best Seller: #NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line

This episode is all about gun violence. Despite surviving a mass shooting, David feels and I agree that mass shootings get more attention than they should and that we should pay at least as much, if not more attention to the far greater number of people getting murdered in violent neighborhoods every day. David and I clash somewhat over the right approach to gun control. We spend a good deal of time arguing about whether it makes sense to have armed security guards in schools. We talk about the Second Amendment and the role historical context should play in our assessment of modern-day policies, and much more.

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"It's worth wearing a mask so people don't think I'm a conservative." That statement alone disqualifies you from being regarded as a serious thinker.

Author — John Gilroy


The guest is honest and correct when he declares he doesn't know about firearms.

Author — bradford


So I like the fact that you were able to talk with this guest in a polite calm manner, makes it so I don't have to change the channel. The problem is that he is clearly not a subject matter expert. As with so many of the issues we deal with these days, people with little to no knowledge use emotional arguments as a crutch to obfuscate deeper understanding (both sides of the isle). This gets us no closer to the truth. I would very much enjoy a dispassionate conversation about this topic (diving into the statistics and policy analysis) with someone who specializes in the issue but is willing to have an unbiased (or as much as possible) good faith discussion. Either way good try.

Author — Bill Sullivan


It's good to debate people with opposing views, but this is like interviewing O.J. Simpson about private detective work.

Author — Lee Alderman


Fun game: count how many times David says "necessarily" unnecessarily.

Author — Eric


Isn't this the dude that said he'd continue wearing a mask so he doesn't look like a conservative? Not a rational person.

Author — RaoulasaurasRex


Whether you think he has any clue what he’s talking about or not, this guest has been one of the loudest voices from the “more gun-control” side of this convo, so I think there is value in engaging with his positions. I don’t know how we move forward if we don’t have more across-the-aisle talks like this. Maybe there is another way that I’m not aware of.

Anyways, I can at least give him props for talking to Coleman and letting his ideas be challenged in front of a new and mostly adversarial audience - most of the left won’t do anything like this.

Author — James LastName


Hilarious to hear David lamenting the "lack of nuance" in the conversation around gun control.

Author — slider292


I think Coleman was far too charitable in his responses. Hogg mentions many time he isn't knowledgeable about some aspect of this debate. This issue is what gave the birth to his public role, this should be the one in which he is strongest at debating. His answers were textbook platitudes and cliche statements, was hoping for much more.

Author — Tony Madsen


Hogg: I am not necessarily well informed.
Coleman: on that note, I think it’s a good time to shut this whole thing down.

Author — John Wesely


@ColemanHughes as to magazine restrictions, magazines are so incredibly easy to modify, from low capacity to high capacity. The problem (if you consider high capacity mags a problem) is just physics and our present level of tech (3D printers, diy videos, etc).
Any other firearms modification issue is the same. I've heard of (I don't have one of course) a simple, drop in device that allows AR-15s to have full auto, which can be printed in 10 min.
I am horrified at the gun violence we have in this country, it is terrible. But none of my firearms will ever be used to kill innocent people, so I'm not sure how curtailing my freedoms helps... Anyway, good show, always a fan!

Author — Don Binkley


It's remarkable how many times David says "We should be talking more about X, " or "I'd like to hear more conversations about Y, " without actually saying anything of substance. This is the time, David. This is your chance to have a conversation. There's no need to hope for one down the road. I'm wondering if he's been conditioned by the MSM to think in terms of short sound bites, or if he actually just has nothing of value to say.

Author — Ocellot9119


David ignored a large amount of Coleman’s questions. Coleman, great job staying professional.

Author — Carson Hughes


Gangsta shoots 3 year old. Redlining! David’s argumentation is so shallow. He should become a politician because his mouth moves but he doesn’t really say anything

Author — Velke Pivo


LMAO I get that Coleman wants to be unbiased and reach across to all sorts of people, but this is a complete joke. David Hogg is an emotional wreck with very little grasp on reality. He’s been in an elite bubble his entire life and does not engage in honest debate. Waste of time.

Author — Michael Edelstone


Ugh, I certainly expected more from that conversation. DH was a vapid stream of consciousness who kept talking long after he had any idea of what he was talking about.

Author — Chris Burns


I like how he said to not get hung up on stats when they were against his cause but later on urged people to look at stats when they supported his point. I also think its very telling when some caveats all their statements with “this is just my opinion”. I dont understand the amount of dishonesty some of these people engage in, there are alot of good points for more gun control. Why engage in weazley tactics and completely pull the rug from under your cause?

Author — oidokun


Coleman, you dropped the ball on this. I want to hear thoughtful conversation and usually get that. But you let so many weak points just slide, you let so many strong points be overlooked.

For example, the way the constitution is written, the 2nd PROHIBITS slavery and genocide. The problem was that those populations were NOT given that constitutional protection. MANY of Hogg's points are weak.

Author — KGotschall


Sometimes I wish there was a screen that showed a closed caption of Coleman's inner monologue.

Author — Ian Anderson


It’s interesting how Hogg is on the verge of getting a crucial element correct, yes it is about the culture and environment kids are raised in, but I believe his leanings won’t allow him to bring up or factor in policies that truly being about these realities because they’re Democrat policies that destroyed the nuclear family in the hood.

Author — Cipher_X_x