5 of the Best Decks From Standard 2022 | MTG Standard Meta 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

In today's video, we will be diving into some more of the best decks that have come out of the mtg standard meta 2022. Each of these decks in this video can also get the win but also play a bit differently than the other decks I've gone over in the prior video. The decks in this video are a bit more into the tribal style meaning they are all of the same creature types or that they play around a similar mechanic. If you like the video hit that like button. If you are new here and want to know when I post new videos on the channel hit that subscribe button and enjoy the video.


Azorius Party:

Golgari Elves:

Simic Ramp:

Boros Goblins:

Orzhov Angels:

Other party decks:

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💬 Comments

Jund and rakdos treasure are actually insane in stand 2022, maybe you can put a list of them in a next video

Author — Mister Vi


You should do some Rotation Proof decks aside form the Standard 2022. Maybe a sideboard too. I know Innistrad is coming out next month. Mono Green, Mono White, seem like the best aggro decks for the rotation. Witherbloom seems like it could be decent. Boros Equipment could be viable. Gruul and Mono Red will likely be playable. Now, For the Control Decks, I'd say Esper Control, Dimir Control, Izzet Control will be the premier control decks. Sultai may still be ok.

Author — TheCalifornio


love the vid you should do time stamps to make it better

Author — Gour


They are all nice decks and viable in 2022, i have mostly played Angels out of these with good results. But if you want quick games i think goblins or White Weenie are the decks to use. As always great content on this channel. Be safe and take care.

Author — Anders Hjorth


Out of curiosity, have you looked into simic landfall using the 1 blue cost crab and cheap deathtouch creatures? Ive been running white black, green clerics myself and feels like simic landfall is my hardest match up.

Author — Spectate007


I see a completely different meta: Mono White, Mono Green, Blood Money, Rakdos Sacrifice, Izzet Dragons, Dimir Control. The others like Goblins, Angels, Clerics, Elves, Boros Equipments, mono blue, mono black and such seems 2nd tier.

Author — Francis Stranieri