The Day Crimea Rejoined Russia: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

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The Day Crimea Rejoined Russia: Russian Roulette in Ukraine 4.5

The day after Crimea's referendum, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky tried to figure out what country he's in, and what - if anything - has changed.

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- Nationality?
- Russian?
- Occupation?
- No... Tourism

Author — Nick Zeppelin


"So we're in the Soviet Union?"


*Russian intensifies*

Author — atmz


Dat beginning. My country in nutshell.

Author — Мужик с чашкой


Как называется эта страна? - Раааассиииияяяяя!

Author — Мой европейский жидобандеровский господин


“I’m a retired Lt General”
“in which army? “ The Soviet Union Lmao Blyat intensifying

Author — John Doe


Simon: “What country is this called?”
Civilians: “ 🇷🇺! (a bunch of singing & dancing)

Author — Simon Roh


"Those are the armed forces of the russian federation.They don't tell me anything either"

Author — Ahmad Faris Zikri


Well, this guys forgot to edit the interview there.  :))

That Ukrainian navy officer saying more than half his men switched sides and joined the Russian armed forces; pretty revealing of the true feelings of the majority of the people, not only in Crimea, but in the majority of the regions in Ukraine.

Author — vonkaunaz


so when is Putin coming to America to get rid of these puppets we have?

Author — Alex Cortez


Ukraine managed to neglect Crimea after the USSR collapse and turn it into the poorest oblast in Ukraine, they had 23 years to fix it and failed.

Author — james david manning


This reporter is trying to find someone who doesn't agree, why! American trouble

Author — Cadance Menzie


3:54 супер момент, подчёркиваемый фразой "Лена Тормози" ))))

Author — Mr. Klinmor


9:25 Господи, помоги, эх одолели меня эти враги,
Hиколай Угодник, защити, эх доконали черти, мать их ети.

Author — kod567


Hahaha drunk russian dancing a confused drunk guy trying to fight at the end... love it

Author — Galmar Stonefist


If the peoples feel happy and peace, why should make a riot?
Ahh, political...

Author — Revante


"those fascists and their Judeo-masonic masters" HAHAHA

Author — Dany Serf


4:03  "Judeo-Masonic" and doesn't even realize that Simon is a Jew

Author — YES10


4:23 LOL "These guys are doing a special _back the truck out of the yard_ operation, so they don't really have time to talk to us".

Author — Archer


"Oh, so we're in the Soviet Union?"


Author — Donald Reyes


What I really love about this whole story is how hard and sleazily the West sweated to grab the Ukraine--billions of US$, training neo-Nazi storm-troopers, killing several hundred men, destroying half of Kiev, lying through its teeth, unmasking in front of the entire world the hypocritical and hateful nature of Western elites--and how in return, Putin gracefully, in one elegant move has returned the Crimea without a single shot! What a spectacular show of statesmanship! Go, Vladimir Vladimirovich, go! And let them bark at Russia's Ship!

Author — Pkwic