Fake Obama created using AI video tool - BBC News

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Fake Obama created using AI video tool - BBC News 4.5
Researchers at the University of Washington have produced a photorealistic former US President Barack Obama.
Artificial intelligence was used to precisely model how Mr Obama moves his mouth when he speaks.
Their technique allows them to put any words into their synthetic Barack Obama’s mouth.

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just don't be evil. I see how this can get dangerous.

Автор — Simisani Moyo


"Like all technology, it can be used for a negative purpose." What positive purpose could this technology possibly have?

Автор — Ryan MacFarlane


As a film student, I think its amazing. As a citizen I am worried

Автор — Louis Moreno


Must have been equally easy to create Osama bin Laden videos.

Автор — itsjustmyopinion


He who figures out how to use this for porn shall become the first Trillionaire :P

Автор — The Awesome Man


This should be illegal. I have no idea why people can do that!

Автор — Nerdy Snailie


It was only a matter of time before this happens for both videos and voice and it really will discredit footage either video or voice as evidence when it can be faked easily enough but worse yet is a lot of fake news thats going around now, this could make it much worse and the public have little trust in the system as it is.

Автор — Paul Aiello


It used to be the saying..."if i didn't see it with my own two eyes, i wouldn't have believed it". This will no longer apply. We are entering a time where the system HAS to fall apart (democracy) in order to rebuilt into something more primitive again. Once you can control public opinion in an election, it is all over....period!

Автор — Pils Nrimgaard


What difference does it make, every word Obama uttered came from his sith master "Darth Soros"

Автор — Victor Johnson


Identifying edited videos is simply not viable. The fake video can always be downsampled to mask manipulation artifacts as simple compression artifacts. Plus the technology is already producing realistic reconstructions, and it didn't even exist just a few years ago. In 5 years when the technology is unimaginably more advanced, we will just have to cope with the fact that all such information is potentially faked.

Автор — Andy Barrette


Oh, man, WHY did they had to use OBAMA to demonstrate this?!?

in the future, someone is gonna say 'fake news' and insist they used this gadget if they have actual video of him talking.

Автор — Marco Antonio Salazar Matamoros


If they, or someone else, made a version for Trump and (for example) declared war... That would be really bad! It could start WW3! So her saying “Well yes any thing can be used in negative ways” is a BIG understatement!

Автор — Jade Welch


Crazy. I already knew this was already happening but to see it up front like this is scary.

Автор — What the f*ck did you just say?


Videoshop: putting words in my mouth since 2019

Автор — S L


even as an AI controlled mouth...still a better president than trump.

Автор — Ex Animus


They are showing you this now to attempt to make you think the upcoming videos of Hillary Clinton are fake. And any other video evidence of this evil criminal. Do research folks. They are trying to distract from the truth. Dont let them.

Автор — Bryan


It's adorable when a technologist tells us, with a giddy smile on their face, how exciting their terrifying new tech is. :-\

Nice of her to acknowledge that "every technology can be used in some negative way, " preemptively defending technology she helped develop that will, with absolute certainty, be used in a negative way. It does not solve an existing problem and seems engineered only to create deception and mistrust.

Автор — nerdbot37


Notice how sheeple in the comment section below always tend to respond by making light of potentially disastrous situations, thereby diffusing legitimate concerns of violation and injustice. Comedy is the most effective tool of desensitization and infantilization.

Автор — Mustafa


How does this tech do something positive?

Автор — twenty øne piløts


The development of tech has gone too far. This is scary stuff. Most importantly, this is violation of privacy.

Автор — Jan