The #1 Shopping Mall in Bangkok 🇹🇭 IconSiam

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This is the #1 shopping mall in Bangkok. IconSiam. Siam Paragaon, Siam Square, Terminal 21, MBK Center, Emquartier, Emporium, Central World, Central Embassy. There's so many malls in Thailand that it's shocking. So if you are looking to beat the heat, visit this one, cuz it's the top of the list.
This series is the Top 25 Things to do in Bangkok so watch them all and plan your perfect trip here.

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This mall was great, we were staying at the millennium Hilton so it was very close. The shops were so great but we loved the food area on the bottom floor the best. The food was great but the design of everything was second to none. It was a great experience. We can’t wait to get back to Bangkok!

Author — John Christofferson


On my first visit to Siam Paragon back in 2016 I was blown away by the luxury stores and auto showrooms. Apparently the developers of Icon Siam took a look and said hold my beer.

Author — TjMcD


Malls and Bangkok go hand in hand. I’ve spent more time in malls here than I ever would back home. The free air con is obviously one of the reasons why! It’s been a while since I was last at Icon Siam, but it is certainly the most impressive mall here! Looking forward to the top 5!

Author — Kevin Gott


I was shocked when I saw the malls sizes in Bangkok, it's absolutely huge! You could spend a day and still not see everything, Iconsiam is nuts

Author — Yonatan.b


Yet, another banger for sure. This mall is nuts, it's very impressive to walk around. I have been to a few craft and art shows there, always impressive. Keep them coming, brother!

Author — Idea Studio Bangkok


Having been in Icon Siam a few months ago and MBK this week, I cannot fathom that MBK was the best mall in Bangkok when Mark did his list. Haha, I ate durian for the first time in that little market outside MBK this week also. Icon Siam is just extra af in every way.

Author — Chris Davis


My girlfriend and I were blown away by IconSiam when we went. Christmas decorations are next level there. We stayed in a south facing suite at the millennium Hilton and were able to watch the outdoor fountain/light show from our room!

Author — Juicifer


ICONSIAM is iconic, impressive, we loved it. Especially the food court.

Author — Jürgen Greger


🎉❤😮Wow, soooo gorgeous for a mall. I haven’t been to Thailand since 2018. Can’t wait to visit again and check this beautiful mall. Wishing everyone safe and happy Thanksgiving and Early Christmas 🎄.

Author — Emma_Lynn007


Your videos could not come at a more perfect time. Flying to Bangkok tomorrow for 4 days before i go to Koh Samui. Will definitely visit a lot of these places from your updated list!

Author — Gabbosh


I so miss Bangkok. The good, bad, and the ugly! If only Thailand would expand it's time allowance from 2 (at the most) to 3 0r 6 months, Love the malls on a rainy day. Hello from Japan.

Author — Katherine Wagoner


I only stayed two nights in Bangkok in July, had a blast but missed so much. So excited to return next year and spend a week in the city. Will definitely use your list for planning!

Author — Ken Boyle


I'm Thai and go to that mall a lot and there are many places in that area that I didn't know existed until you posted this review. I thank you very much for all the good reviews.🙏🙏

Author — Chatcha


Loving all you videos Chris, thanks so much for all your time and efforts in making this amazing place so attractive. My wife and I are planning on getting over there early next year for a recce into where we can start our journey from. Looking at relocating from Australia, cannot wait... Cheers

Author — John O'Brien


Makes me smile every time 😂, Chris I’m looking to escape the UK (as soon as my caring duty is no more😢) was looking at KL of Thailand, must admit this series has definitely swayed my thinking! (I have been to BKK 8x with business in the past) but it’s getting better and better, my only issue is property ownership I’d prefer a house/villa than a condo 😔

Author — Martin Hook


Whilst I'm not a big fan of fancy shopping malls, the food court looked amazing. On the list to visit next trip!

Author — Stephen Palmer


Loving the countdown. Thanks again for working for us Chris. Can’t wait to get to Thailand, cheers.

Author — Alistair Taylor


Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans watching your video. That mall is pretty spacious. In USA malls have declined as most people either shop online or at Walmart, target, sams club or Costco.

Author — vgshwk


Awesome Chris! Thailand is way way way ahead in terms of opulence. I look at my birth country (next door neighbour) and am weeping

Author — TKDJ2646 K2646


Arrived in Bangkok this morning! Chilling in my hotel enjoying the storm!! Loved it so far ❤

Author — Daniel Pope