Movavi Video Editor 2020: Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners in ONLY 20 Minutes

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Movavi Video Editor 2020: Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners in ONLY 20 Minutes 5

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This 2020 Movavi Video Editor complete tutorial for beginners will teach you all the basics you need to get started with video editing. You will learn everything there is to know in as little as 20 minutes, so you can have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of video editing in Movavi Video Editor and start producing high-quality professional video content, vlogs, films, YouTube videos, gaming videos and more! You'll be able to edit like a pro and make engaging videos you can be proud of.

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0:22 - New Project
0:56 - Interface
1:52 - Import Media
2:27 - Timeline Scale
3:00 - Trim Clips/Audio
3:49 - Spacebar (Play/Pause)
5:01 - Filters
6:47 - Transitions
8:40 - Titles
11:03 - Stickers
11:14 - Video Callouts
12:07 - Undo Changes
12:16 - Delete Clip
12:31 - Split Video
13:00 - Rotate Clip
13:11 - Crop Video
13:54 - Color Adjustments
14:33 - Record Voiceover
15:12 - Video/Audio Properties
15:34 - Video Speed
16:16 - Slow Motion
16:48 - Fade In/Out
19:14 - Export Video

Movavi Video Editor is designed for anyone who wants to easily share sentiments through videos. Create heart-warming wedding videos, engaging travel clips, memorable birthday films and home movies. With Movavi’s free-download video software, you become the director of your own story.

In Movavi Video Editor, every tool is where you expect it to be. So even if you’ve never tried to edit videos on a PC before, it will take you no more than 20 minutes to master the movie editor and be able to edit like a pro. Download Movavi’s video-editing software for free. Create a movie you’ll be proud of.

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Am looking for transitions and more effects anyone who is willing to sell to me at a cheap

Nice video

Author — MILES HIGH ENTERTAINMENT can't do without music


OUTSTANDING TUTORIAL!! You sold me! Seriously, such an outstanding and easy to understand tutorial - you are super talented!

Author — Bumble


I spent twelve minutes on a video before this and didn't learn anything -_- ThaNk yoU Eduard :D

Author — Bashirahs 360


This is great! I just got Movavi and I am just learning! This is a lot like iMovie, but I didn't have to buy a Mac to get here! Thanks so much. New subscriber!

Author — Affiliate Marketing with ELK Endeavors


I really enjoyed watching and learning in this video 👍🏻😍 Thank you soo much. I just have one question, what if i had a video that is saved from Snapchat (longitudinal) can i change that without cutting the edges of the video or focusing?!

Author — Sumaya AlSaleh


can we upload our own fonts to movavi...i dont like theirs

Author — Arcade mcFLY - BeatsNcomedY


Way too much info!! Start with one video and show what the editor can do. Then show how to add video’s together.

Author — adam benigno


Can you export in any aspect ratio or is static at 16:9?

Author — isaac


Thx. Love it. Still love i move better thought.

Author — Lap S.


Is this an equivalent to imovie? I had an ipad and i was floored how easy imovie was to make a music video

Author — Themixmusicandmore


Huge Thanks! Let me try this editor :D

Author — Xandrie Catada


Thank you for several useful videos. I'm a Windows user looking for a capable but inexpensive editor. I'm looking at Movavi, Filmora, Magix, Hitfilm, and stuff like that. Do you prefer any one over the others? Is motion tracking an important capability?

Author — John Wilkinson


thank you very much. been asking people to help with edit, but glad you helped me a lot. just have to practice and get used to it. thank you. and is the membership worth it for yearly?

Author — Chokora Mombasa


Can we add audio visualizer (spectrum) to videos on Movavi? Please answer...

Author — Richards Vajra


Thank you Mr. Eduard. This is very clearly explained. You answered my questions as I'm checking out this software. Your demo covers the major points as the software seems to do. Best wishes to you!

Author — Charlie Miller


Can we create a longer 60 min meditative video music to download, thanks for the info

Author — Bradley Takushi


Thanks alot for this video my idol very informative video.

Author — Mercy Gabales


Is Movavi Video Suite has ALL THE FUNCTION which you shown in this video ? Appreciate speedy reply. Thanks

Author — JS Joshua


Is there a way to compare before/after adjusting color?

Author — Mark Ioffe


Hi. Thank you for the video. I am trying to make the video preview smaller and the video editor area taller so that I can see more when editing vertically. Do you know how to do this? I thought the green line in the center would allow me to drag it to the size I would like, but it won’t move. Any help appreciated. Ben

Author — Ben Oehlschlaeger