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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

In this scene from the episode Sean, Sean talks about his alcoholism, how often he drinks, and how much he enjoys doing it.


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"Intervention" profiles people whose addictions or other compulsive behaviors have brought them to a point of personal crisis, and the friends and family members who come together to help them.

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It’s always fascinating how alcoholics can make vodka go down like it’s water. Just blows my mind

Author — WILL KNOX


Addiction sucks. And it's miserable and overwhelming trying to stop using and drinking because it becomes a part of who you are. That's why the motto "one day at a time" is so powerful.

Author — Spiritual Bizarre


How this guys liver is still intact is beyond me. I drank a bottle of spirits a day for three weeks straight and ended up in hospital with withdrawals. The doctor felt my liver and said it was enlarged and it would be cirrhosis in a couple years if I carried on. So how tf is this guy getting away with drinking 3 x that amount!

Author — Matt Sniper


So glad I quit drinking a year ago. Apparently this guy died from booze and if I didn't stop I would've gone down the same tragic route. Thankfully though I'm one year sober and have been feeling much better. It's hard to watch seeing someone drink themselves into an early grave like this.

Author — Planet Shlorpian


Music, TV, and movies do everything they can to glamorize drinking. I'm grateful this show actually shows people the miserable reality of what it's actually like to be an addict.

Author — ncjuppiter


I’m 4 months sober. I was an alcoholic. Looking at Sean chugging the vodka brings back memories.

Author — bombshellpeacock


Here's my story. Years ago in my early 20s i started drinking and then by my late 20s I ended up drinking everday until my early 30s and in fall/winter of 2020 came around I was in the hospital for a few months and I had my spleen removed. I'm thankful and thank goodness for those nurses and doctors that helped saved my life. After I was discharged I finally drinking for good in December. I'm now 2 years and 5 months sober from alcohol and now all I do is drink a few caffeinated beverages including coffee and I smoke cannabis and that's it. We still have vices and moderation is key and so is balance in life. I didn't realise this episode was 10 years old and I hope Sean is doing much better these days.

Author — Gamer4Life_07


Absolutely terrifying, that he knows he has a problem and continues to drink the way that he does. step 1 is admitting that you have a problem, he does that and he doesn't care, where do you go from there?

Author — Roger


Sean needs to start his own channel under Sean's morning routine

Author — Rifleman


Dang, he makes Vodka look like water when he drinks.

Author — Day Dreamer


It’s not about the taste .... it’s how you feel afterwards

Author — Bre Bre


How people can drink vodka like water is beyond me. I have goosebumps thinking about it (icky feeling goosebumps)

Author — [Fe] man


A GALLON?!?! That's 85 shots. In a day. Everyday. How on Earth is he alive?!

Author — MakoKx


I'm so sick of giving all the pity to the drinker and no love or understanding to the family of the alcoholic. All the pain that the family of the alcoholic has to endure. It's made me very resentful. What about the psychological abuse the family has to go thru???

Author — Badger Fishinski


So sad hope he gets help, I lost a friend to alcoholism

Author — Bud Pate Motorsports


All I can tell you is if he cold turkeyed off a gallon of vodka a day, he would surely die. Most likely hallucinate bad, slip into a coma and then flatline... That is SERIOUSLY dangerous drinking!
And I was worried that 3 drinks on weekends was bad! By this man's standard, I haven't even entered little league yet.
His stomach must be tore up for sure...

Author — Light is greater than darkness


Rip to this man.for anyone trying to get help please tech out to anyone .one day at a time

Author — No One


7 YEARS of alcoholism that severe and I'm shocked this guy is still alive. Someone needed to do something. An intervention should have been done long ago.

Author — 2040 Wanderer


I cringe when I see him chugging vodka like that because I used to do the same with gin (about a week ago).
Addiction is the worst thing I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

Author — Spirit Fit Sobriety


Do you want another drink? No but i do want like seven. Lmao

Author — Ryan L