Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight ('Panski & John Skyfield Remix) [Deep House]

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 лет ago

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I realised that so many people from all over the world enjoy listening to this remix, no matter what they believe in, no matter of their skin color, no matter of their political affiliation :) I really enjoy this and I'm curios where you guys all come from...leave a message in the comments :) we're all connected through music ❤️✨

Author — Beyond Radio


Everytime this song plays I can imagine myself and my three best friends driving in a convertible in a breezy monsoon night in the city or on an open desert road in the sunset while this song plays in the background.✌️😇❤️

Author — Kunal Apte


Still enjoying this one many years on! Wish we still had producers making this style of chilled out remakes

Author — MrRevillz


Legendary Remix, always a mood booster.

Author — ChillYourMind


Essa música tem uma vibe muito boa ✨❤️

Author — diel Castro


OH MY! Such a classic that we are all connected to. I mean you know it when you hear it. Made loud to be played loud.



"In the air tonight" on of the best songs ever created. This remix is great too, so the younger generation get's in touch with this amazing vibe of this tune.

Author — nebochantenverächter


Belleza de mezcla 🙂 para relajarse y viajar a otro mundo 🎧

Author — Alejandro Carìas


Incredible sound. We need more music like this.

Author — Matt Peevy


OMG! This mix literally touches my SOUL! So unbelievably good, fantastic work guys!

Author — C6-Ride


I love when you forget about a song and randomly start singing it again .. I love this remix 🥰

Author — Jenny Molly


Esse som com aquele Du bom é recompensador 🔥

Author — Dani Oliveira


This is so chill, I’m gonna listen to this during late night drives.

Author — •yaharia •


Le pouvoir de la musique est juste magnifique bravo pour se remix je m'en lasse pas 👍

Author — tokyo


Hermosa cancion cuando la escucho siento vibrar todas las celulas de mi cuerpo, y me transporto aun lugar lleno de paz .

Author — Laura Ruiz


This is one of those songs no matter how much you listen to it, You can just never listen to this enough! 👏🏻♥️

Author — Papa Black Sheep


Essa música é linda dms, que vibe boa !

Author — Gustavo Henrique


I have been listening to this mix since three years now and its just so perfect that no matter how many other mixes I listen to. Not a single of them surpasses this one. I believe this mix deserves much more love. It should easily go beyond few million likes...

Author — Bhavesh Jayaswal


I was born in 1979 ..
I love real music..
And this is ----> as real as it gets..
The bass .
The rythm.
The tune..
The beat...
The soft

Author — nazz e


This is one of the best remix versions of " The Air Tonight " ever. I could dance to this all night long .

Author — love jazz