Former Secret Service agent exposes Hillary Clinton

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Former Secret Service agent exposes Hillary Clinton 4.5

On 'Fox & Friends,' Gary Byrne's book, 'Crisis of Character,' provides an inside look into the Clinton White House

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The Clintons are so corrupt . They should be serving a very long sentence in prison

Author — toneman335


Im shocked he hasnt been found dead of an apparent suicide.

Author — -SSQD- KLX boy


And Hillary had the nerve to call republicans deplorable‘s . ( It’s a crazy world)

Author — Howard Manley


Congralations   to  this  brave  man  for  telling   the  truth -    How   funnty   that  Bills  worst  enemy  is  Hillary ---  what  a  HOOT

Author — Indian Rose


Thank you America for keeping Hillary out of the White House!!! Trump in 2020!!!

Author — andy


Yeah I agree 😃☝️100 0/0 The Clinton’s need to be locked up and Throw away the keys

Author — Mary Green


The greatest thing President Trump has done for America is preventing The Hildabeast from getting elected.

Author — tgh0369


the clintons are trash. there judgement cometh, and that right soon...

Author — nick tardif


Even Bill Clinton preferred someone other than Hillary! lol 😂

Author — Saxon C


Surprised that Satans Bride didn't have this guy 'disappear' in dubious circumstances, like all the others!

Author — J Z


I know people who for at NYPD and NJ State Troopers and all claim she is the biggest CUN.... they've ever had to work with (for protection).

You have to work pretty hard to earn that said.

Author — Ayawoke


I'm going to look for his book at the library. We dodged a HUGE bullet when Hillary lost.

Author — Alexandra


Our country took a big downturn when Clintons move into Whitehouse.

Author — Joe The man


Hillary would make it on the list of top 10 most evil women on Earth!!

Author — Adam Carlos Alfredo Segarra Adair


This dude might end up committing suicide by "hanging" with 3 bullets in the back of his head.

Author — Pedro Suslord


When are the Clintons going to be executed for what treason they have done to America?

Author — Adelle Blackman


I believe this man is100% credible, we should listen to him.

Author — kay cooper


the very sight of Bill and Hillary make me sick they need to be locked up for treason for life

Author — Z


It seems to me that all that gold the Clintons spun from manure, it starting to turn back into manure!

Author — Truth Seeker 714


Hillary is a man hating axxhole . our country almost had a major catastrophe when the established swamp and media did backward summersaults to get her the end they all lost and America won.

Author — Bill Tsirtsis