Heavy Snowfall in India’s Kashmir Destroys Apple Orchards

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Heavy Snowfall in India’s Kashmir Destroys Apple Orchards 5
Apple farmers in Indian Kashmir's Pulwama district were in a state of anguish, Friday, November 15, as heavy snowfall destroyed their apple crop. Kashmir is popular for its organic and good quality apples, and dry fruits.

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To those so quick to jump on the end of the world bandwagon... THIS IS NORMAL for Kashmir, even in the SUMMER in some areas. Just because there is more snow, climate change is a possibility, however... we need to find the cause of it rather then blaming plastic straws and cow farts! AND look at the weather patterns long term on this planet. Of course it is going to change, it is always changing.

I am curious though. Why don't you climate change end of the worlders focus on the magnetic poles. They are moving about 30-35, approx., miles a year. If the magnetic poles flip again or if we get more than two, we could have some serious issues when solar storms hit our approx. 5, 000 satellites orbiting our planet. If the shift happens and we get more than two magnetic poles, we loose a lot of protection against solar storms because the poles will weaken due to working against each other, meaning those 5, 000 satellites will be extremely vulnerable and some or many could come crashing down as a result.

So I think we all need to get rid of our phones, gps, internet, atms, etc, etc, etc. and get those satellites out of orbit.

Or is there something else going on?!

Author — Zybersun USA


Hope it didn't hurt the hashish crop..

Author — Crown royal


Did you know fruit wood is the best kinda wood to keep warm with. It burns hot. Pick up the pieces keep warm and plant more in the spring. Life goes on.

Author — jlwftl


Modi created artificial snowfall and it was an humanrights violation - Imran Khan (PHD )



I know this kinds of shit happens around the world. How JESUS cursed the fig tree. If you keep complaining and not asking GODs help that’s what happens

Author — Best Videos


i have blueprints for snow nets and greenhouses, ill sell it to the indian government for 1 million dollars.

Author — Jarrod Yuki


Why dont you blame Hindu Supremist party BJP and Narendra Modi for it ?

Author — Kajal Upadhyaya


Itz Indian occupied KASHMIR not indias KASHMIR

Author — S Rasik


Dear VOA, how did this footage get out of Kashmir? The internet blockage is still in effect, yes? Did the journalist have to go back to Deli to submit this report? Thanks for your reply.

Author — phlezk


How’s the climate change denial working out for you trumptards?

Hope non of your grandchildren will like apples, or you know air for that matter.

Author — Tyler Brock


But i heard that there is no internet connection in the valley.???

Author — keshav


I thought them as hand grenades, not apples.

Author — D Sharma