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0:00 Amay Proshno Kore
2:36 Borne Gondhe
6:50 Oliro Kotha Shune
9:45 Nazrul Medley
13:50 Ekbar Biday
17:18 Peace Project

Souvik Sarker - Vocals in all of the songs except Ekbar Biday
Injamam Alam Niloy - Vocals in Ekbar Biday
Ghazi Kamrul Abedin - Lead Guitar in Borne Gondhe
H.y. Abdullah - Drums in Amay Proshno, Borne Gondhe. Percussion design in Nazrul Medley.
Ryan Fardin - Keyboard piece in Peace Project.
Ghazi Kamrul Abedin - Guitar Solo in Borne Gondhe, Guitar in Ekbar Biday

Recorded, Arranged and Produced by Ishmamul Farhad Elin

Art work by Maleena Dhrity Gomes

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Tama Tama, Sid and everyone related to the project. You guys are my superstars. You are wonderful.

Author — Aynul Bashar


This is the first thing I listened to after waking up. Beautiful start to the day!

Author — Aniruddha Prithul


Wow! I just want to say thank you. Thank you for this gift.

Author — Mis. Liza


I just want to say thank you. Thank you for this gift. ❤

Author — Labib


Mon valo howar moto kichu gaan ....onek shundor 😊

Author — Anamica Ani


Gan gula kuno website e pwa jy na. Akhn theke download korew rakha Jay na. Options ta on koira rakhn off line e jno sunte pari

Author — Music life