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Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Damian Lewis are among the rumored replacements for Daniel Craig.

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It’s less about color...more about a proper mix of charisma, class, suave, fluid, and badass. Between these three? Idris. No doubt.

Author — Scott McEwen


Tom Hardy for sure! He has the look and the characteristics. Plus he is a talented and is a well respected Hollywood actor and can do any role that is offered.

Author — James George Vletas


After watching Lucifer, I think Tom Ellis would be perfect for that role. The guy is effortlessly talented and charismatic, good-looking and he has that British elegance that fits the role of Bond. Besides, he´s the right age for the part.

Author — Mateo Airaudo


Rupert friend ???? Hes not busy in any super hero movie and a new face for most people too
Hes absolutely the best choice

Author — Padma Sharma


Yep...we are actually here. Looking forward to alien invasion.

Elba would have been PERFECT!!! Swag swag swag!!!

Author — Philip Quaglino


A man 👲 that played Dogtanin in BBC Musketeers and played Elvis in an army programme called Our Girl 👧. His name is Luke Pasqualino. He is a very a good actor 🎭 also I reckon he would make a good James Bond

Author — Paul Carter


In the next james bond movie it would be nice to have all the actors passing by from the screen(except Roger Moore RIP)

Author — spiros spiros


Throw in Sean Connery again, hes alive and well and eager to make a comeback!

Author — ExJw FlatEarther


Who will be the next james Bond, i choose:
Jason bateman as james Bond
Steven Spielberg as the director
Ginnifer goodwin as the bond girl
Elton John as the singer
Keanu Reeves as the villian

Author — Omar Diaz


Tom Ellis is the perfect James Bond: Humor, charming, tall, black hair and eyes, British, sexy body and voice, terrific actor!

Author — Oriana PerezPonce


Wait until I come, my name is Bond James Bond myself, OO7*

Author — Lovely Bond


The God of Mischief as Bond...dont make me laugh😂😂😂

Author — Robert Bennion


Daniel Craig is going to be in the new bond film

Author — Joshua Wood


I think they can put in some established Americans
I mean, RDJ nailed the english accent in Sherlock Holmes and is even looking fine in Dolittle
Or Chris Pratt
The man may not hit the english accent well, but its not for nothing that Leiter calls Bond 'brother'

Author — Optimus 200


Honestly Damian Lewis as Bond will be the shit. Lewis carries that Bond swag and charisma that’s been missing from Daniel Craig.

Author — matt billings


I haven't had much respect for Fassbender since I heard that he beat up his ex-girlfriend.

Author — Vittoria Colonna


Tom Hiddleston as the new James Bond...👍👍👍

Author — Xavier Abeledo


No one of them 😣 i think the best would be Scott Adkins (Boyka)! Make it happen pleasee 😀

Author — Natty Clark


At least Idris and Tom hardy is my toplist, but sadly Idris (why😢😢😧) he is 43 now....

Author — marilyn monroe


3 years later we find out it is now Jane Bond.. 007!!

Author — Violet Sobieski