Saudi Arabia + Censorship In China | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Saudi Arabia + Censorship In China | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix 5

On the first new episode of Patriot Act in 2019, Hasan addresses the government of Saudi Arabia's legal demand to take down an episode of the show in that country, and turns his focus to another country with restrictive censorship laws: China. But by using the Internet, Chinese activists are making their voices heard and a determined #MeToo movement may be creating lasting change.

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About Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj:
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Saudi Arabia + Censorship In China | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Who else has a Netflix account but watches these episodes on YouTube?😂

Author — Ayush Singh


It's sad they cancelled his show.. That shows he rattled a lot cages: Dictators, corporations, government leaders... Even made fun of netflix. The balls on the dude!

Author — Ganesh Ram


I hope hassan has already made hajj cause thats gonna be awkward when he has to go to mecca😂

Author — puteri jasmin


"Asian parents can crush dreams."

Author — Numa S.


The world should support Hasan Minhaj, coz his show stands for humanity, women's right, condemn wrong doers..

Author — Asifa Syed


Hasan, do not enter a chinese or saudi consulate

Author — Saehar Bokhari


"I'm a lesbian. What's wrong? What's up?"

K she's my favourite now.

Author — Lan Skandal


In USA: Sense of humour.
In China: Censored humour. 😂

Author — FarabiSiddiqueVlogs


Me, a Chinese,

When Hassan talks about Saudi Arabia: lolll this dude’s funny
When Hassan talks about China: mhm, ohhh I didn’t know about this..

Author — Irohasu Tokyo


OOF Hasan killed it so hard Netflix couldn't handle him. We need Hasan's show

Author — Luckyriyu31


Born and lived in Saudi Arabia and now a medical student in China I guess I will never know hahahahaha



"Bangladesh doesn't have sweatshops,
those are Bikram work spaces"
As a Bangladeshi, this made me laugh more than it should.

Author — syed omer osman


The US doesn't have Concentration Camps on the border, those are Summer Camps. Oh wait, someone on Fox News actually made that claim.

Author — Tensai55


I always hear 'Clown Prince of Saudi Arabia' rather than 'Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia'.

Author — 賢くなりたい


Can we quickly appreciate Hasan's pronounciation of the chinese names

Author — Sid P


I think it's amazing that Hasan and his team are bringing up stories that deadass most of us would've never heard of otherwise. Like, thank you. Seriously

Author — Chantal Arko-Dadzie


How can we forget that Winnie the pooh is also banned in China cause he looks like Xi🤣

Author — Stalwart


"the only thing they binge watch is their own people" deserved a better audience reaction

Author — owen w.


Why have all the episodes been moved from the Patriot Act channel to the Netflix is a Joke channel?

Author — Cherry Winters


I've played the games of cat and mouse with Chinese censors, and believe me it is very demanding in terms of energy and creativity...