Georgie's 'long stabby thing' has everyone losing it

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Georgie's 'long stabby thing' has everyone losing it 5
Karl has a 'long, stabby thing', Lisa a sword, Ben some golf clubs - but it's what Georgie has to protect herself from intruders that saw everyone lose it this morning!

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"I just want to be standing back, and whacking them off from a distance." 

Seriously, how do you walk right into that one?? lol

Author — Anthony Domingo


lol. The news is much different than here in the US. All these people would be fired and have to apologize for weeks on end. 

Author — PrecisionWrittens


pretty rude to whack somebody off from a distance, get close, make some eye contact, whisper to each other about how it's going

Author — Heywood Jablowme


When a man is coming at me I always beat him off.

Author — The Internet Killed Music


Quality Australian television right there.

Author — Melo Boy


The guys went out to whack each other off
(from a distance, obviously).

Author — JBLZA


1:30 "one of the funniest things I've heard on TV"
Later on…
I stand corrected.

Author — BearFlipsTable


For those who keep saying about guns and of you guys get the joke, don't ya?

Hint: "Tim is my long stabby thing."

Author — Phaugirl


I had olympic torch under me bed when I was.... SINGLE..
I won't look at the olympic torches the same way again...XDDDD

Author — Normalperson sane


..."My husband is useless"....
And nobody batts an eyelid,
Try saying 'my wife is useless'
And people will literally lose their minds

Author — Often Wrong


This Australian host is the best! I love his sense of humor and his laugh 🤭 😆 😂

Author — Fernando Castillo


Georgie has the best facial expressions after she's said something inappropriate. So non chalant and guiltless. I live for her.

Author — Doesnt Matter


Love watching the Aussies on their t.v. show.  They are funny!

Author — Rebel Patriot


Did people miss the point of the video??? This is not about gun control.

Author — A Wal


haha. they just get up and leave. thats incredible 

Author — gomojo107


Correction, it's called a steel batty-thing not a steel baseball bat.

Author — Pr3ssPl4y


who keeps breaking into their house at night?

Author — Daevi1


Omg I'm dying...I needed to find somethibg from these guys today to get over the last 2 days of political hell here in the states👍👍👏👏😍😍

Author — JoAnne Weiss


Lisa Wilkinson would be a terrifying adversary

Author — Sam Chop


Who else thinks this is the best morning show in the world?

Author — Ankan Halder