North Korea marks 70th anniversary with massive military parade

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North Korea marks 70th anniversary with massive military parade 4.5
North Korea marked the 70th anniversary of its founding on Sunday morning with a dramatic military parade watched by a sea of spectators. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observed from a balcony, where he was joined  by Chinese senior politburo member Li Zhanshu. The celebrations were more subdued as usual, with no display of long-range missiles, as talks with the US continue

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0:36 I think those planes are celebrating their 70th anniversary as well 😂

Author — Al P


Fun Fact: North Korea now exists longer than the former Soviet Union...

Author — Space Mapper


Actually a pretty beautiful parade. Too bad this country is just a gigantic Concentration Camp.

Author — AKzebraMiner


I hope I get to live long enough to witness this regime fall.

Author — Monique


Their parade is absolutely spectacular!!

Author — Iretunde Olukoya


1978: In the 21th century there won't be any communist country on planet Earth

Author — Krügenberg


Honestly scared... Not sure if the comments are sarcastic or not...

Author — Pap Filip


Meanwhile their neighbors from the south are deep throating kimchi & jamming to K Pop

Author — CBU2221990


They seem to be quite fond of weird choreographed parades over in that insane little country.

Author — Dylan Thomas


more interesting read the comments than the Parade.

Author — Glup Joyo


0:24 this would have been a perfect time to assassinate him

Author — WolfGamerTV


Let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the

Author — Christopher Montoya


0:09 effects of maiming soldier in tf2 for too long

Author — Mark Wong


0:57 This is what you use when you really need there rum to make it to the party without getting stolen.

Author — colorado841


2:02 "Hey can u see the food from this height?"

Author — Sanjeev Dwivedi


0:36 Look! The entire North Korean air force showed up too with their latest fighter planes! What a superb show!

Author — WS 560


gotta hand to em, they are really in shape.

Author — Ryan Wehr


Looks like the hole north Korea was forced to March in the parade

Author — Carron Andrews


no food was served after this parade :(



A North Korean woman has an average of 2.05 child. A South Korean woman has an average of 1.05 child. Both countries have basically the same number of births per year despite South Korea having twice as many people. That's all you need to know about the survival, health and future of both Koreas..

Author — hshshshshshshs