The World War II meme that circled the world

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The World War II meme that circled the world 5

We know about the epic drama of World War II, but what about the jokes? The above video tells the story (as best as we can). The iconic piece of graffiti that was known, in America, as "Kilroy Was Here" traveled the world in a fashion remarkably similar to a modern meme.

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When you realise your grandpa was a memer back in the war

Author — He Is Weird


Seems like Kilroy was better than Justin Y.

Author — Adin


Next world war we’re just going to put shitposts everywhere

Author — 이단Ethan


Stalin: *I fear no man but that thing*
*Sees killroy*
Stalin: *It scares me*

Author — I have to wait 90 days to change my name


All salute the first and dankest of the memes!

Author — Tiago Pinho


World war 3 memes: let me introduce myself

Author — The Daily Egg


imagine being a German soldier. The last thing you see before you die by a bomber plane is

Author — Big Chungus


Adolf Hitler might have a meme review about this meme

Author — greatman 1


Interesting to know that memes existed before the internet

Author — Monister


Kilroy is not real, he can't hurt you.


Author — no body


1944 meme : killroy was here

Meme nowadays : you got any *_B E A N O S ?_*

Author — prod. xpos


Justin Y: Finnaly! A worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

Author — 5AME 5TUFF


The sun never sets on the Kill Roy Empire.

Author — Jackofhearts22


In my school trip to DC the teachers let us spend a ton of time looking for Kilroy in the WWII memeorial, it took about an hour for everyone to find him

Author — VixenishBug YT


Justin Y : I fear no man.
*picture of kilroy*
Justin Y : But that thing,
Justin Y : It scares me.

Author — Mr Sauce


Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
Patient: Doctor, I'm afraid of Kilroy...
Doctor: Wait wasn't he here?
Patient: *Screaming*

Author — Window


Kilroy kinda still lives on. My friends and I draw him on all of our homework papers.

Author — TERM8OR660


There's that medieval snail meme as well. Memese transcends time.

Also, I reckon Elon wants to colonise Mars just so he can be the first to meme a planet.

Author — CheesecakeLasagna


It's like I always tell my Mom: Memes aren't a trend, they're a lifestyle.

Author — Josh


I’m here in 2020 on the brink of ww3 and it’s ironic i got this recommended to me, I wonder what will be the meme of ww3

Author — Cryptic Unknown