Sonic infinite Engine - Pyramid Arsenal

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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75% of the video is about sonic trying to climb the stairs :v

Author — Ţhę Høłe


Never realized how hard that climb would be without Double Boost.

Author — shadowslayer205


Finally, a "fan stage" where Sonic does not appear extremely tiny as compared to the stage

Author — Nightmare 42


Anybody else think he's always a little too jumpy when he does showcases for infinity engine?

Author — Zachary Hansen


The infinity engine still has a long way to go. Plus this specific stage doesn’t translate well without the mechanics in forces.

Author — Tatar Sauce


That moment when you realize that you should keep the turbo and keep running without stopping

Author — Alex M3rcer01_RE


1:20-3:30 Wow. Sonic bouncing his way up the stairs. 10/10 content 💯💯

Author — Luaxon MMORPG


It physically hurt me when you tried to scale the wall. That was like most of the video all right there. X'D

Author — Echo Trash


this pretty much proves how forces level design doesn't exactly work well in Infinity engine, especially the double boost section.

Author — Flannagus


I personally don't like the infinity engine. Because sonic seems to be a bit overpowered and he doesn't seem to like sticking to the ground. Also, it's very easy to run into the wall and get stuck or straight up phase through the walls if you go fast enough. On top of that, when you're falling sonic seems to start gliding / flying sometimes.
But that's just my personal opinion.

Author — Requiem of Colours


I like how sonic started to hover away at the ranking like “goodbye, my people need me”

Author — TTGcarlos


It’s pretty sad how the level expects you to have boost with only four enemies throughout the whole thing

Author — EchoWhiteG


Its a shame that this level was ported over so badly because the engine is great!

Author — Unoriginal Liar


The biggest issue here is that sonic’s way too floaty, it’s like he’s on low gravity- both how he spends too much time in the air and also that he’s bing sorta held back by the force of the atmosphere around him

Author — a a


I wonder, does anybody know how to alter the lightning engine a bit? It always looks too sunny for me.

Author — wister


"Gotta go fast"
**bad level design**

Author — Project Abash


I'm having a hard time spotting if it's a flaw from the game, or if you're just not really good playing it

Author — gabriel barblay


This could use an improvement. Big time. Too much yellow, nothing else. The stairway to the pyramid is a huge problem. This level lacks any action, only a couple of enemies appear.

Author — Just Quinn


They may wanna fix that slope upwards. The bumps killing momentum ain’t exactly something you want with that,

Author — HikaruBaskerville


Infinity engine isn't made for these kind of stages. Since it came out the presented stages failed and weren't compatible with the gameplay. It's too loose.

Author — Moïse Assoumou