WATCH: McEnany spars with CNN's Jim Acosta in heated WH press briefing

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WATCH: McEnany spars with CNN's Jim Acosta in heated WH press briefing 5

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany got into a heaed exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a White House press briefing.

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"You gotta let me finish Jim this isn't a cable news segment."

Author — Archer Smith


No idea what background she has, but im pretty sure she has experience with handling toddlers.

Author — MadMan


that little weasel was breathing heavy when he started to get exposed.

Author — magic


Notice how Jim breathes heavily when Kayleigh touched a nerve lol

Author — robert sumners


If he won’t stop interrupting, turn his mic off!

Author — Peggy Blackwell


CNN won't play that clip in its entirety.

Author — robert miley


He is so appallingly disrespectful with his constant interruptions. The left has to interrupt I guess because they can't stand to hear the truth.

Author — Music Matters


She burned him so bad that he doesn't even know what to say.

Author — rundmm


when she flips through her notes, that's gg for you buddy.

Author — Jay Pible


Kaitlin Collins and Jim Acosta always humiliating themselves at press briefings.

Author — Hanks Valera


Hate it when people talk over others - did his mother teach him that this is rude?

Author — Yusi Liu


Jim Acosta shames himself and broadcast journalism as a whole but accurately represents CNN. WHAT A DOOFUS!

Author — Vicki Ecker


"Let me finish, this isn't a cable news segment. I'm answering your question from the White House podium". Translated, don't interrupt me you pompous piece of....
You gotta admire Kayleigh, she always keeps her cool.

Author — Eric Freeman


Asked questions, talked over her answer, jim had no manner at all

Author — Peter Smith


She’s got some fight in her, I respect that.

Author — Dale Lantz


He asked a question but he didn’t want to hear an answer.

Author — minh chau


Jim Acosta is a professional provocateur and is a drama queen.

Author — Jack Banker


Jim needs to learn how to listen. He's so rude and annoying. What a horrible reporter

Author — Boris Abalyan


Jim Acosta makes himself so irrelevant. Even with a mask on, he can't stop interrupting.

Author — Lakersandyankees D


Biden wasn't wearing a mask at the inauguration! His press secretary was asked why wasn't Biden wearing a mask, her answer he was celebrating. The hypocrisy is disgusting

Author — Pat Contreras