Deep Sleeping on the Beach in Las Terrenas with Waves Tonight - Relaxing Ocean Sounds

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Deep Sleeping on the Beach in Las Terrenas with Waves Tonight - Relaxing Ocean Sounds 4.5

Ocean sounds for deep sleeping on the beach in Las Terrenas, what can be more relaxing than the waves at night. Try our new video with natural sounds of the sea, the most peaceful way to sleep after a busy day.

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me: trying to sleep
also me: mesmerized by the video

Author — Ashley Katekovich


I can’t wait until one day i live near the beach and can hear this sound all the time. Goodnight everyone and hope you sleep well 🌙💤😴 🌌

Author — Flor Morena


This sounds so relaxing right about now. If your here because of COVID-19, take some time to chill...

God bless :)

Author — jlcmiles


Good night everyone 🌙🌃, if you stress 🤯 listen this you’re strong 💪🏻 and if you sad 😞 remember that you’re not alone bcz god always with us 😊

Author — 輕鬆的音樂 - Soothing Relaxation [BMG]


I have extremely loud people above me, walking, stomping, slamming doors all day I yell, curse, beg them to stop now I found this and the thunderstorm as soon as I played it the noise stopped THANK YOU 😊😁

Author — Mckever Lewis


This ocean scene was filmed at the perfect time at night when it is so cool and the sun is down. The blue reminds me of non-toxic foods, relaxing, cool classic jazz, and the good taste of foods that are healthy and natural.  The sounds of the waves are helpful in disconnecting from stress, worry, confusion, and hyped up media that none of us really need - especially natural people, earth people, and good people.

Author — Tracy Gibson


Don't know why it should matter, but this one is real! The waves synched up with the sound. Makes me feel like I'm really there.

Author — Cosmic Undergrad


Looks like it was filmed during the day and someone played with the color... Can I have the unaltered daytime video link?

Author — Luís Cordeiro


Ty for this just had to say goodbye to my sweet dog it helps me with the sadness

Author — Janice Blair


Than You I only only use This to Listen to Music. See if The Marine's, Military, U.S.S are doing well for The World..🇺🇸🌎🌍🌏🇺🇸 😇

Author — Melinda Bendle


These birds keep waking me up at 6:45am because they start making noise super loud next to my window. It’s making me go crazy 😫 I have to listen to this super high on headphones but I can still hear the birds in my mind 😭

Author — Stephanie


Nunca amaneció me hace creer que no son reales

Author — el barco de la melancolia


Its was sooo good i just feelt asleep lol

Author — Richard Encinas


My cat Loves this!!!
She curls up in her cat bed that my 2nd son bought her and goes to sleep...
If you stop the video she gives you the evil eye 😆😆😆
Which she did to me earlier!
She has now been listening for 52 minutes and she is quietly Snoring 😆😆😆
Thank you
She is special....
We recently laid to rest her mommy kitty at 21!!!
Unfortunately, she is the last kitty standing here...
All her 19 years she has Never been alone....Until September on Labor Day...
Sometimes I catch her ...
Her mom and her would often play hide and jump on mom's head lol..
Her mom was a tiny 9 pound kitty while her daughter is a beautiful big girl at 19 pounds!
I catch her hiding and waiting, crouched and Ready to spring forth; scaring her mom...Only to end up with a very perplexing look on her face, a question in her eyes...
Yes, she still looks for her long time friend....
I catch her outside even in the early evening...Hunched in the tall grass of the neighbors..They often played hide and seek there too...
She waits patiently, crouched down, hind end wriggling, anticipating the Leap in the air!
"Aha, Gotcha mom!"....
As her mom would roll to the side, leap up, spin and sit in front of her..With a look of" oh, please! "
Then her mom would shake her head and walk away; like" Yea that's my special girl!" Except it was a rouse; she would hide behind the car to pop out on hind legs and Bap on her daughters head!! Like, "Aha No! .."Tis i that got you!!! " She waits for her, i imagine she's remembering because after a few minutes...She sits up..Looks around with a confused look...
Meows quite pitifully and slowly walks towards the backyard...
She only goes so far...She stops in midstride and runs the opposite direction! Does she "sense " her mom our lifelong friend, laid to rest under yonder tree?
The ground hasn't any grass yet...
So your video i think comforts her..
It is been 2 weeks since I found these and she seems content, finally...Most of the time she is on an endless journey to find her mom friend....Which was her actual biological mom...
She finally sleeps now instead of spurts here and there because of the endless searching....
This breaks our hearts and we talk to her about where her mom is at..
Like i said she has Never been alone....Until now....
So Thank you very much
RIP SKIZZY our fur friend

Author — Kelli Andrews


So Pretty..It would be nice to sleep on a beach...😌

Author — SoundWave 6


El sonido del mar hace que nuestro cerebro entre en un estado meditativo, relajante y meditativo. Muy buen video!

Author — Calming24


Wanna stay up and listen, but it's guarantee for me my Lord will rock me to sweet sleep lol. It's all good 😊 this I absolutely love. Peaceful.

Author — Rolaine


World.. Pandemic, paranoia, panic.
Me... Peace.

Author — MONICAlifornia


Namaste! Thanks for this Lively Mother Nature'video. Many blessings to You aind hugs from maria ea, Cherry on*.

Author — Maria E. Antonsen


LOL, I am now officially addicted to these, especially ocean wave sounds 🌊🏄🏻‍♀️ I find I can no longer fall asleep without them. And when a vid stops at the end, I know it’s time to get up. I don’t need an alarm, I’m a light sleeper so when the sound is gone I am aware, even if I’m technically still asleep...

Author — passion pink lily