Mount Tibrogargan. Caves Route

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Mount Tibrogargan. Caves Route
Come escape the Rat race .Join me on my Adventures
What a way to start a fresh new year ,get some climbs underway.

Empire Seasons ..... Dan Henig
Please tell me .....silent partner
Alone ..... Emmit Fenn

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definitely a scary route, did it a few years back and remember the toughness not of the heights but stamina and wanting to let go, but all round great hike and well done on doing it gizmo

Author — Sam Crompton


Wow, that place is incredible. I just did the Capricorn caves the other day, your earlier video gave me the idea, But to be honest I don’t think I’d be game try this one. The camera angles made it look like you were scaling a vertical wall. Did you come back down the same way? And without ropes?

Author — Beyond the Backyard


Hey Gimzo great video, so how many caves does this route take you through? from the video you reach cave 1, go through it to reach cave 2... is cave 3 @ 10:40 sec? and @ 11:40 that is another cave? thanks

Author — Cycling Noob