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Tretinoin 0.1% (prescription)


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All of you ladies in your 20s & 30s need to rejoice in your youth. When you get into your 50s you look back at pictures of yourself in your 20s and 30s and can't believe how good you looked. So just be happy with yourselves and appreciate what you have while you have it! And yes Retin A helps a lot!

Author — AllgoodAnimals


All skincare videos should be like this. With close ups, details and different lighting conditions.

Author — thedarknightme


Girl your eyes. And I’m not just talking about your eye color. Just the shape of them and your eyebrows, with your nose! You are so pretty!

Author — KU4EVER100


Been using prescription retinol, tretinoin since it first available 1980’s I am now in my 60’s. Every time I see my Dermatologist and she has a student she always points out how you can tell when someone has been using the product for some time. That’s the high cheek and some of the eye area and of course the forehead. Don’t give up ladies and stop buying products that are expensive just because of the brand, your better off with the real deal it lasts a long time so the price is justified

Author — Heather Gustafson


And this is how to do a review!! So real. Loved this so much. Well done!

Author — Aderonke Oni


I am 44 and have been using tretinoin for 6 years now and everyone says how I look so young . I have young genes in my family though but the tretinoin has helped me to not have any fine lines and wrinkles. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I’m going to upload a video on my channel of my before and after

Author — soy_sweet99


Jenna, you're so beautiful- inside out!
Love your honesty ❤️

Author — Sushma Sharma


What a DETAILED video. Great job and thank you so much for all the information!!!

Author — Cee Vees


Amazing results! Love how detailed the videos are and that you really show what your skin looks like. It helps me a lot with my tretinoin journey.
The pigmentation definitely got a lot better and your skin looks glowing and smooth.

Author — My eyes Burn


This is definitely the most useful video on tret progression I've found! Thanks so much for uploading it.

Author — Tisque


Yay! It's looking so great! I started Retin-A around the same time as you and was following your journey a little bit. I remember the skin getting a lot worse before getting better & finally you and me both are on the upswing now :)

Author — DolphinDeerWolf


You are so courageous for posting the most unflattering light condition for your skin but you are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this very detailed before and after. It's also great that you shared your age so we'd know what to compare it to. Every before and after should be this detailed. Thanks again!

Author — Octavia


Omg your skin is FLAWLESS at 9 months. Goals

Author — Shahjahan Mir


Your skin is literally glowing, I'm lowkey jealous 😍

Author — Zuzana Liščinská


I love how you informed your audience about the different lighting you used when showing your skin conditions because it is important to know that sometimes lighting does matter how people looked at skin texture and can make a good decisions for themselves, whether to use retinoids to treat their skin conditions or not.

Author — Nurul Fairuz Haji Ali


Thanks for this video...I'm just about to start retinol. It seems to have helped with your nasal line as well...amazing!

Author — JJ M


This video is really useful thank you! I started end of July so I’m coming up 5 months and literally still covered in endless spots still so this gives me hope! I use the strongest one too and have done every single night. I have zero reaction to it, no redness, tightness or flaky.... the spots just still keep coming! I will keep going forever though as I believe it will work xx

Author — FAYE ASMR


I'm so happy this video came up! First off you're beautiful. I have been on this tretinoin journey 3 months in and now have more acne than ever but I feel like it's just the purging process. We will 👀

Author — Naima Lee


This really gave me hope!! You look gorgeous!! December 2020

Author — Ely Garcia


My whole family was in the room when I was watching this. When it got to the 9 month mark, everyone said "wow". Literally just radiating!

Author — jt rover