10 Things Not to Do in Fiji

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Before you head out to the islands of Fiji, it’s imperative to do a little bit of research. Call us Debbie Downers all you want, but ignoring this list of 10 things NOT to do in Fiji can definitely put a damper on your tropical vacay.

1. Don't Forget to Book a Village Tour
Many resorts offer guided village tours. For a small feel, you’ll be taken to rural areas to see the traditional Fijian way of life. At the end of the tour, you’ll be greeted by local artisans who sell handcrafted items that would make the perfect souvenirs.

2. Don't Ride Share
If you need to get around town, a taxi is your best bet. But you should definitely steer clear of ride sharing. According to travel advisories, taxi drivers are the victims of many crimes. So make sure your driver doesn’t pick up randoms while they’re taking you to your destination.

3. Don't Expect to Party All Night
Fijians go to bed super early. If you have plans on partying until the wee hours of the morning, you’re on your own. We recommend Beachcomber, a tiny island in the volcanic archipelago known as the Mamanuca Islands which hosts wonderful island parties with live music and entertainment. There isn’t much going on when nighttime hits.

4. Don't Go Hiking Alone
You’ll experience some of the best sights while hiking in Fiji, especially at Koroyanitu National Park. But proceed with caution while you’re making your trek. Many of the paths aren’t well-maintained and the terrain can be hazardous. Also, it’s also safer to hike with a companion or a guide.

5. Don't Show Too Much Skin
In any other areas, wearing shorts and tank tops is fine. However, if you’re going to visit a village. Women are expected to cover their shoulders and both men and women should wear shorts that cover their knees. Also, hats and sunglasses should be removed as a form of respect.

6. Don't give Candy to the Kids
If you want to give the kids some candies, you should hold off on giving out sugary snacks. The diabetes-related death rate in Fiji is the second-highest in the world. Children also don’t visit the dentist as frequently, so giving them candy will just cause more dental issues for them in the long run.

7. Don't stay in Urban Areas
To cut down on your chances of an unfortunate event happening during your trip, steer clear of the urban areas. There’s a higher crime rate there than in rural areas. If you want to explore a certain part of one of the islands, make sure you ask your resort staff if the area is safe beforehand.

8. Don't be too impatient
If you’re visiting from a fast-paced environment, you may want to continue on with your normal way of living in the midst of the hustle and bustle. However, in Fiji everything moves at the pace of a turtle. So go ahead and embrace the slow pace. You deserve to kick back and relax!

9. Don't Drive on the Right
In Fiji, you’ll drive on the left side of the road. And, make sure you’re very attentive when driving after dark. Roads in the city are paved, but once you enter the rural areas, the roads aren’t properly maintained. There aren’t adequate street lights or road signs, and many of the roadways are full of potholes.

10. Don't Drink Too Much Kava
Kava is a legal and traditional herbal drink made from the ground root of a spicy pepper plant. There are actual kava ceremonies. A glass of kava won’t do you any harm, but if you drink too much, it can cause grogginess and a decrease in motor coordination and reaction times. So on that note: Don’t kava and drive!

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Number 11: Don't get advice from someone who clearly HASN'T been to Fiji.

Author — Epeli Nakautoga


The person posting this obviously has got his facts wrong about Fiji. It's very safe and you are encouraged to visit both rural and urban areas. You will not get held up by a thug brandishing a gun...it's utter rubbish what this person has stated in the video.

Author — Shahin Ali


Fiji is more than that, it's the most friendly n beautiful islands I've ever known

Author — KMix Vines


😂😂😂 This is a joke, im not Fijian N I've been to Fiji 3+ times this is pure BS. The person who made this video doesn't have a social life. 😂. Fiji is very friendly and people are flexible. I only have few problems with taxi drivers who try to cheat the fare by hiding the meter. But above everything is paradise to me! Go enjoy your Fiji trip you will not regret going there. Moce!

Author — Wong Fu


1) Umm you can party as long as you like most night clubs close early hours in the morning, usually the resorts that go to bed early, also if you going to Lautoka, Rakiraki or Labasa they go to sleep early too lol Nadi and Suva is where all the happening are.
2) the cabs you wanna avoid are those yellow cabs shown on the video at the airport they the ones gonna rob your pocket with the fare rates
3) you can give candy but like any other person you don't give to much obviously, y'all painting it like they shouldn't feed the animals lol 😂
4) about Urban areas it's like anywhere else in the world... You just gotta be aware of your surroundings avoid dark alleyways, places that aren't well lit and certain streets or neighbourhoods it's common sense duhh
5) Don't drink to much kava is bullshit! That's where the fun is at and why we so laid back abit to much I might say, but all that groggy and not driving pshh everyone knows their limits

And yea everything is slow and laid back because everything is moving accord to Fiji Time like relax bro it's gonna get done no need to rush 😊

Author — Etuate Racolo


I live in nadi (fiji) so I can't agree with going to sleep early 😅 some of my colleagues even go to work after drinking all night 😂😂😂

Author — Gracis Journey


I have been to fiji so many times. Its safe no matter where you go, ive been in cities, and rural. All safe.

Author — Jonny Zuko


Interesting that I am doing research on Fiji for a social studies and international day for our school here in Japan. After listening to your video, without knowing too much at all about the country of Fiji on a personal level I could quite clearly tell you were talking through your hat. Every Fijian I have ever met has been the nicest, fun-loving, and outgoing person you could meet, with incredible singing voices to boot. This video is doing a disservice to the People of Fiji by promoting Fiji in such a blatant and misinformed way. Where did you do your research? Please remove this trash.

Author — Minoway English Program


I'm fijian(born & raised) and fyi Fijians know how to party, the content of this video would have expressed otherwise if you actually knew how crazy the atmosphere is like here in Fiji during the festive seasons, let alone if the Fiji 7's team wins a tournament. No surprise though, I'm inclined to believe this is just another one of those typical advertisement tactics to discredit smth/sb else to earn extra cash.

Author — Feud Effect


I grew up in Fiji and my husband is Fijian and I actually think most of these are correct. Except for the crime part, and the staying up late part. But at resorts, yes, they do go to bed, all staff knock off at around 9.

Author — Brooklyn Tane


I want those 4 minutes of my life back.

Author — Jesiah Mac


Fiji is one of THE best places to visit on the planet. The resorts are nice and all that, but mainly the People are the most humble and kind I've ever met anywhere. Love them all. Can't wait to go back.

Author — George Roig


Some of them are a load of crap. A few that should have made the list:- Don't touch indigenous Fijian people's hair without their consent it's disrespectful.- Don't remain standing in the midst of Fijians who are seated on the floor particularly during a ceremony, also a sign of disrespect.- Don't make rude statements in English, 95% of the time they will understand what is been said. All Fijians are educated in English and some speak better English than the English themselves.- When offered a bowl of kava, don't drink it partially, skull it, it's another respectful sign.- Don't be judgmental on slow service or late flights, relax you are on "Fiji Time".- Don't be scared of strangers on the streets greeting you with "Bula", Fijians are genuinely friendly.- Like other foreign countries, don't go to nightspots alone, go with a partner.- You don't have to tip, it's not required as in US.

Author — Uncle Max


I've been in Fiji for 4 months, and this is about as inaccurate as it gets, a complete cultural misunderstanding. If you want a boring trip, listen to what this video has to say. My gosh.

Author — Travel With Jaro


The person who did this video clearly hasnt been to Fiji!
Most info is wrong and quite rude

Get your facts right

Author — Grace Holmes


"Don't give kids candy"
My Fijian mom: let's send your relatives 1 pound of candy

Author — Simp


11: Don't pronounce words and names exactly how it's spelt!

Learn how to pronounce the words and names PROPERLY.
I'm a Fijian, and one thing that annoys me about tourists are those who mispronounce the words and place names. Example: Nadi is NAN-DEE, not NA-DIE or NA-DEE

I'm not sure about what are other folks' take on this, but in my family, the mispronouncing is viewed as pure laziness.

Author — BanksfielderIdiot3176


I can't believe this!!! We don't have guns in Fiji, and "STAY AWAY FROM URBAN AREAS??" Gosh! What a nice thing to say!!

Author — Fiji Tongan


Born and raised Fijian here .... I seriously cracked up “don’t give candy to the children” part 😂😂😂
Though on a serious note ... Fiji is very safe and very welcoming to foreigners of all ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Author — Katriena Wong


There are 10 things that you must do to get your facts right. 1. you must trust your source 2. Please go to Fiji for real. 3. Do not be an idiot. 4. Think of how to get the rest.

Author — Taitusi Ralaivobo