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In todays video I will be answering some of the most burning questions about the Gutter Run Technique. Where did the gutter run technique come from? What are it's origins? Is the Gutter Run actually faster? And how do you do the Gutter Run Technique in Assetto Corsa Touge. This is an Assetto Corsa touge tutorial.

The gutter technique is an elusive style of driving that was popularised
by Takumi Fujiwara in the Initial D anime. Since then, drivers both in
real life and in simulators have tried to replicate Takumi's speciality. In this
video, I will be telling you all you need to know about the Gutter Technique,
and if it's actually faster, or just anime make believe. And, make sure
you keep watching until the end if you want to learn exactly how to perfect
the gutter run.

So, what is the gutter technique?

The gutter technique is an entry oriented method that doesn't let the driver
understeer at the entrance of the corner. The inner tyres are dropped into
the gutter to withstand the centrifugal force of the turn. Essentially,
it allows the car to turn beyond the grip of its tyres.

The origins of this technique actually predate Initial D by some 68 years. A
driver by the name of Rudolf Caracciola pioneered this technique, and you
may be surprised by where and how he did it.

The first instance of a variant of the gutter technique was first seen in the
1930s, at the infamous karussell Corner on the nordschleife, which
you may have heard of. And in fact, Rudolf made the corner what it is today.
Caracciola reportedly made the corner his own by hooking the inside tires into a drainage ditch to help his car "hug" the curve. As more concrete was
uncovered and more competitors copied him, the trend took hold. At a later
reconstruction, the corner was remade with real concrete banking, as it
remains to this day. This is the very first instance of a gutter technique
seen in motorsport.

So, just how did it seep through to Japanese car culture? Well, honestly,
there are no definitive links that I could find. But, what we do know is that
touge and drifting as an amalgamation of classic rally and touring car racing. Therefore, we can assume that the gutter technique was heavily inspired and used after some pioneering Japanese touge drivers in the 90s had watched or heard about this technique.

So there are actually two forms of this technique.

The first gutter run is when you enter the corner with your wheels in teh gutter. This variant of the technique slingshots you around the corner, and you will pop out of the gutter early, before the exit due to the centripetal force. Overall, you will be slower through the corner and on the exit, however, the entry speed is very high. This technique was used by Takumi against keisuke whne he passed him in his first race on Akina.

The second form of the gutter run is when you enter the corner a little faster
than usual, and overshoot the apex. Of course, this would usually mean
you are slower throughout the corner. However, you hook into the gutter
in the latter half of the corner and you can step on the throttle sooner,
resulting in a much higher exit speed. This technique was used to
catch up ryosuke during their race on akina.

The first gutter run is best used to pass an opponent who is directly
in front of you. It allows you to enter a corner at a higher speed than your opponent, giving you an overtaking advantage.

The second gutter run technique is overall faster, and is better if you're trying to catch up to an opponent or set a fast time. However, this technique requires a lot more room to mmanoeuvreas you are actually using the most optimal line through a corner and late apexing. Additionally, the second technique is better for normally aspirated engines, as it is difficult to immediately gain power out of a corner such as turboed engines do.

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Yay thank you for reaching us noobs and fanboys how to do Takumi roleplay

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Great vid, keep it up! You should try it on Arcade Stage Akina map, gutters are deeper than Akina 2017's ones

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alternate title: how to flip a car like a miata

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Really great video, clear explanations and good visuals

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Finally, a very clear visualisation of the difference between the two gutter techniques.

Author — Uncle RJ


I've used it in my old 06 ford taurus. Dug it into a dirt gutter with a solid 1in drop off the side of the tarmac. 60kmh through that corner over the tire's normal limit of about 45kmh.

Yes both methods

(These were cheap ass tires so I didn't care if I ruined them, drove that car like a rally car)

Author — Viktor Volkov


Well it depends heavily on the type of corner you are guttering aswell, some of them arent really efficient because you can suffer from snap oversteering while exiting a corner on really sharp hairpins for example

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I’m slowly becoming Takumi… Also, completely unrelated to Takumi, in Ribadelles in DiRT Rally 2.0, this works amazingly, but only on some stages

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Well made video! You deserve more Subs :)

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This technique works on a few games I play IV done it successfully on wreckfest, grand turismo sport, the crew 2, and need for speed heat.

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I've used this on horizon 2, but in a diferent way. I put half car on the dirt, so that half will be in " rally mode" and I can make out of the corner with throttle cornering

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Cool, however the map you are using rendered gutters almost useless as I can barely get a grip of it. But I love your presentation. Keep it up!

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what map are you using for this video? im using mount akina 2017 but when i tried doing this it just glitches and launch the car into oblivion

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