Remember when LispyJimmy tried to sell Cargo in GTA Online? (Funny live stream RAGE compilation)

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Remember when LispyJimmy tried to sell Cargo in GTA Online? (Funny live stream RAGE compilation) 5

Lispy Jimmy is know for his short fuze and is quite the contrast to MrBossFTW. He rages hard about all his livestream fails and quite frankly couldn't get anything done. In this stream he tried to make money in GTA 5 Online by selling cargo. But the griefers and tryhards had other plans and ruined his entire livestream.


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Remember when Lispy Jimmy tried to sell Cargo in GTA Online? (Funny live stream RAGE compilation)

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I think he is upset.. NOW SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE OK

Author — Unwanted Highlights


LispyJimmy is literally MrBoss's inner demon

Author — Careless


At least Lispy's reactions were hilarious instead of MrBoss just slurping his lips

Author — o0f


I don’t know who is giving those dislikes, really, this is pure gold.

Author — Antonio Gomez Gil


We need more lispyjimmy he sounds like an angered crackhead

Author — plasmatic


Random player: *drives past jimmy a certain way*

Jimmy: *”I W I L L E N D Y O U R E X I S T E N C E”*

Author — Dr. Tuxedo


Damn, with all his swearing he is not getting access to my christian Minecraft server.

Author — DR3B17


Any toxic streamer: *breathes*

Significant Pro: H E L Ö

Author — laxowax14


Seeing this man rage over dying makes MrBoss look like a decent YouTuber

Author — SLICKAMIR 180


Someone: does anything

LipsyJimmy: anger

Author — Yeetus Deletus Gaming


He's toxic to everyone around him then wonders why they mess with him.

Author — Body byBobby


Can't believe I used to watch this guy years ago. Jesus.

I was a dumb kid.

Author — AshWindheart


Tryhards: Breathe

Jimmy: *Consume C O C C*

Author — Izanami Is Overpowered


I see significant pro in almost every video on this channel lol, such a legend destroying these idiots

Author — Stefan


Lispy Jim getting killed is funny because he cries on the stream mr boss just cry’s after

Author — Wills Tanks


Hey the significant pro guy that kills The Boss man also features in this video

Author — 100%legit yes


Lispy is the equivelant of every guy who calls out a girl for being a " gamer girl ".

Author — Anthern


Just Want To Ask, Why Is Everyone Killing Him And Destroying His Stuff, Is He A Click Baiter, Or Just Mean, Why Is Everyone Killing Him ??

Author — Ice Wolf


Anything: happens
LispyJimmy: S C R E A M

Author — Demonreacts


The only thing that can stop jimmy is sheriff Ross boss

Author — Reformin