The War in Syria: Turkish troops gather near Syrian border

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The War in Syria: Turkish troops gather near Syrian border 4.5

The Turkish military has been on the move in the Hatay province on the border with Syria. Armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles were seen travelling to Cilvegozu border gate where troops are stationed. Sara Firth is there and brings us the latest.

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Rise of the Neo Ottoman Empire, inshallah. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️❤️

Author — Sedat Cetir


Semoga Rakyat Turki dan Presiden Erdogan selalu dalam lindungan Allah. Aminn love from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇹🇷😍🥰

Author — erwin78 do


Love Turkish from Pakistan I miss salahiddin ayoubi we need him

Author — sana ullah


Please run away from lion before he gets you long life erdogan and his county and his people most peace loving nation in the world and brave nation

Author — yube dhicer


Turkey should have invaded two years ago...

Author — Barry Irlandi


We support turkey love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰✌✌✌



Turkey needs to expand its borders to northern Syria to prevent TURDistan and greater IsraHELL.

Author — William Sheikhspeare


Am supporting turkey 🇹🇷 militarily from Somalia 🇸🇴. Welcome 🙏

Author — Abdi Heybe


Allah Turkey ko kahambiyabi ahta fermave ammen summa ammen

Author — Usman Khan


Sara firth my favorite trt reporter tell us more of turkey humanitarian work and security operations at the Syrian border thank you

Author — Cabdi Noor


Turkey deserves respect for acting very carefully in Syria and it can't be seen as invading power the trouble in Syria started way before Turkey got involved I wish good luck to Turkey trying to bring peace to the Turkish neighbor Syria

Author — Ramiz Northland


Love you turkey Love you Eardogan, our will have win inshallha!

Author — MD Shimanto Laiman


trt world is a spy news giving the certain number of troops moving in !!!

Author — Ergin Erdogdu


Yine korna caliyolar aliskanlik olmus😁

Author — polat alemdar


Şu kopan fırtına Türk ordusudur yâ Rabbi.
Senin uğrunda ölen ordu, budur yâ Rabbi.
Tâ ki yükselsin ezanlarla müeyyed nâmın,
Galib et, çünkü bu son ordusudur İslâm'ın.

This mighty storm is the Turkish army my lord.
This is the army who dies for you my lord,
So that let it be known with adhans your fame glorious.
This is the last army of Islam, make them victorius.

Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

Author — İki Elin Sesi


Go go go Turkey your the true analize.

Author — Saham Anga


If USA is Turkeys friend why build 30 thousand force on turkey border?
Please this is just new Era crusades that's all!!

Author — Al Covic


Ottoman is allied to enemies nato wak up your mind who destroyed Libya him

Author — Mohand Boulemia