Hades Speedrun any% - 5:57 IGT , 13:08 RTA - Eris Rail [v1.37]

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Tartarus: 0:34
Asphodel: 4:07
Elysium: 7:57
Styx: 11:15


Great run overall, and gold build. Featuring a bad move on every bosses though :-s
Probably also made some mistakes when choosing boons, but I wanted a good RTA.



- IGT = "In-game time", the clock in the top right corner. RTA = "Real Time", the real duration of your run.

- Sorry I didn't gifted Bouldy nor greeted the shade, but I wanted a good RTA on this run.

- Playing with Keyboard and Mouse, with auto-aim ON.
Everything but movement is rebound to mouse buttons. Most speedrunners use a controller though.

- The pacts used are "Forced Overtime" for faster enemy spawn/movement and "Extreme Measures 2" for a smaller Lernie arena and faster kill.
Do not use "Tight Deadline" if you only want a good IGT, because it disables the survival room (long fight for RTA, but it also stop the in-game timer)

- Using a specific "empty" save file used by speedrunners, because when you reach a high number of runs in your history, the game start lagging.

- Pausing the game because it stops the in-game timer.
It gives a few more seconds to make decisions and doesn't hurt RTA too bad if you're quick.

- Eris Rail base build is Zeus Attack and Poseidon Dash.
Special can be anything with %damage, but Artemis is the best.
Best Hammers are Cluster and Rocket. Targeting System is also very good.

- Hades keepsake is still decent/good for Elysium/Styx.
It's mostly good if you don't already have a call by Elysium and have Rush Delivery + either Proud Bearing or 2x Aether Net.
You can use Hourglass or Coin Purse in Elysium and Acorn in Styx instead of Hades Keepsake.

- My best Eris time was better, but the 1.37 introduced a couple nerf to Eris

💬 Comments

When you didn’t replenish your death defiance with Patroclus I knew right then you were crazy 😂😂

Author — Alina W


Using Hades' greater call while fighting Hades: Priceless

Author — Aranaya Ilyaris


Hermes watching Zagreus: ok dude, like chill.

Author — Glitchibo


I like how the slowest parts are him deciding which boon to get

Author — Mark Zachary


the fact that this could be even lower if the meg had hit asterius too is amazing

Author — Pedro Trindade


Wow, 5:57 In Game Time.... I'd be starting the Megaera fight right about then.

Author — Alex Curtis


I have been thinking about getting into speedrunning for the first time and thought Hades might be a good place to start... then i saw this masterpiece and realized i don't stand a chance hahaha. So well played! Gratz on a deserved WR!

Author — Izzaiah024


Holy shit, I looked up a speedrun for hades because I was wondering what it was after getting my first sub-15. I expected it to be about 10 with a low estimate of 7:30 but never did I think that a speedrun could ever come close to a sub-6 without some major glitches but you're just that fast. Well done this is one of the most satisfying speedruns I've ever watched.

Author — Dillon 812


Crazy. Just crazy. I knew as soon as I saw that first mini-boss die by a timed cluster bomb/Meg combo. Great job!

Author — Piper of Hamelin


9:23 I love that realization moment right there lol

Author — Maru Franco


the fact that you beat second phase hades in just 7 seconds is insane to me

Author — Tine Mosentis


This just blows my mind. My current best is 22:48, and that's an outlier way under my consistent average.

I don't think I would be able to process a game going this fast. Much respect.

Author — Amanda Butcher


Congratulations on the new world records!
Incredible run and even incredible description.

Author — Rusty


it absurd how he just destroyed the champions that fast and that close to each other

Author — Schmeat


that was such a nice elysium - chaos gate (with 101% special damage boon), fountain, patroclus, butterfly ball

Author — ibrahim


Congrats on the world record and sub 6 run!

Crazy rocket bomb + cluster bomb madness!

Author — Garlan Ramadhan


I’m clawing my way towards a sub 15 kicking and screaming so this is fucking incredible to watch. Many kudos

EDIT: Omfg I went and tried forced overtime on my speedruns and I’ve now gotten two sub 15s! Thanks for sharing your strat omg

Author — Bird H


The multi rockets with +101% dmg chaos boon is insane

Author — TheBswan


Just managed my first escape today on attempt 30 in 33:13 and then I watch this like… 😮

Bravo 👏🏼

Author — Ricky Diamond


Thank you for sharing this, I followed the guides and have now hit two separate 11minute runs, something I never believed I could do! Kudos to you❤️

Author — Isky Whisky