Oprah's New Favorite Thing: Campaigning In Georgia

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Oprah's New Favorite Thing: Campaigning In Georgia 5

While campaigning for Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Republicans decided to offset Oprah with the exact opposite person: Mike Pence.

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The people who hailed Kayne as a savior because he wore a MAGA hat are now saying Oprah should stay out of politics. Oh the irony...

Author — AJK90


Mike Pence hosted a rally? The only thing Mike Pence should host is a parasite.

Author — Robert Menegazzi


If Mike Pence has to remind you he's a "big deal" then he's not really a big deal ... lol ...

Author — Eedybeedy


The devil went down to Georgia and his name is Michael Pence.

Author — oeo1977


This ain’t Hollywood, but I work for a reality show host. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Every day it just gets dumber and funnier.

Author — CJCryer Buzz


I vote to honor my ancestors even when i felt it was a waste of time...to honor those who died for my right to do so

Author — Talkindurinthemovie


Mike Pence had his own radio show, so what's he talking about "this ain't Hollywood"? And Pence works under the biggest want to be entertainer, Trump.

Author — josie betan


Mike Pence: "I'm kinda of a big deal!".... The rest of us: "Mike who???"



Gosh, listening to them bad mouth Hollywood celebrities would be a lot less funny if they didn't just elect a reality TV star to be president.

Author — Paul T Sjordal


The only person on the planet who thinks Pence is a big deal is maybe his mommy.

Author — Fantumh


Conservatives hate people from Hollywood, unless they agree with them, then they love them. It's true.

Author — sprybug


Just for all our sakes get out and vote is all Oprah is saying.

Author — Patricia M


Did Mike Pence just told Oprah “I’m a big deal too?” To Oprah? Does he actually believe that? He’s really not that big of a deal compared to her.

Author — Alexander Suarez


Someone should let pence know, if you have to tell everyone you are a big deal....well, chances are you're NOT. pence doesn't have enough years left to even touch Oprahs fabulousness.

Author — Audrey Campbell


And of course, the idiots at Fox and the Orange Mushroom are going crazy!!!

Author — Namsharan


Keep Hollywood out of it?

Who is Milky Mike’s boss again?

Is Pence dumber than his boss?

Author — W M


I haven't watched TV in 5 years...but I'll be watching Tuesday night. Can't miss this. Way to go, Oprah!!

Author — mrt57rn


Oprah: "You get a vote! And you get a vote! And you get a vote!"

Kemp: "Not if you're black, and not if I have anything to say about it! Oh that's right....I do!"

Author — Ro G


Pence...the most worthless VP in the history of America

Author — Susan M


I'm sorry did Pence just kinda compare himself to Opera? Dafuq?

Author — T A