Slowdown spreading across the Indian economy | Macros With Mythili

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Slowdown spreading across the Indian economy | Macros With Mythili 4.5
As each passing day brings more and more despondent news on the eco front, it’s hard to remain optimistic. If in the past the signals were mixed, today there is hardly any sector of the economy that is doing, telecom, power, banking, NBFCs, real estate the list is long and growing. What, if anything, can the government do to arrest, and if possible, reverse the slowdown?

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Raw wisdom of this PM is ahead of these wise men.
What a hell India has gotten itself into? To drown this scenario from our attention, our man always brings up some sound and fury show with ultra-national spirit. Real sleight of the hand artist.

Author — Alok Asthana


All problems in india are due to minorities and to some bhaktards

Author — DARTH Vader


Automobile are very costly and real estate is beyond the reach of the people! How can the economy grow with such inflated prices!

Author — Jairaj .J.M


Go watch Zee News, everything is rosy pink

Author — Raihan Ahmad


So cut interest rates when saving rate is already at multi year low..and push people into more debt and screw savers and senior citizens who cant afford to take risks? is that the idea gentlemen...?
Cut Taxes i am all for it but don't screw around with RBI rates . RBI has no control over market lending rates especially In a market where confidence is gone, no one is going to lend at gov mandated interest rates. The prime saver is the citizen so he/she dictates the interest rates not the gov which is just a reckless borrower and a an even more reckless spender.

RBI can cut to ZERO but that will get absolutely no transmission. People will just move off to hard assets and completely choke the economy.

Author — Shashi Y


What a panel to bring to the table. Jaggi, Bhalla are certified lapdogs of the Gov.... 🤦🏿‍♀🤦🏿‍♀🤦🏿‍♀

Author — Bharani CL


*Cicero of the Roman empire wrote this :*

1. The poor - work & work.
2. The rich - exploit the poor.
3. The soldier - protects both.
4. The taxpayer - pays for all three.
5. The banker - robs all four.
6. The lawyer - misleads all five.
7. The doctor - bills all six.
8. The goons - scare all of seven.
9. The Politician -, lives happily on account of all eight.

Written in 43 B.C., but valid even today ... !!!

Author — Esoteric Pilgrim


Please keep Surjit Bhalla out, if you really want to make your discussions more interesting, unbiased & receptive to viewers. He diviates & makes it painful to the ears. Please be considerate to your viewers, if you're really interested in having them tune in to your programmes.

Author — Imtiazul Islam


Slow down why country is ruled by mafia and Don Money corruption Pm got Money belongs to Public... can Pm bribe the whole Country CBI is quite in this matter...Democracy in danger..where Pm decide what to eat Vegetable or Meat

Author — Saby Colaco


Modi hai to Mandi hai.

Modi destroyed BSNL,

Privatisation of railway started.

Development only for Only Ambani Adani

Author — Vidyadhar Pandey


No slowdown in auto - over invoicing.

CEO & senior executives r paid 1cr pm
Worker r paid 12000 pm

1crore per month will become 1 crore pa after new ind. Policy

Author — ajay arora


@5 RS PARLE, not Eating by Public, but PARLE, exclusive platina collections sales solid, what a Economy

Author — Vikram Doshi


In ola uber zommato AI automation economy, what to say. People are doomed.

Author — sourabh bhattacharya


Good discussion. Well carried out by Mythili.

Author — Kranx Joy


Good Recession or slow down whatever it must be if gave some window to vend out frustrations of frustrated till now it Toilet was there

Author — Shrikant Inamdar


No one is talking about Quantitative Easing which took place in UPA government and its relation with present GDP growth rate.

Author — Bitter Truth


Economics is overvalued science-- in fact it is no science at all. We have and had many economics in and out of government( we had one PM itself). We do not know or don't
want to address the problems.
There should be balance between Agricultural, production & services. Over the years, all our big industrialist turning into trader(for selling local & imported materials). We have become country of traders. The real structural problem is that we have not given sufficient
attention to Agri & manufacturing sector.

Author — Dilip Shimpi


First step for govt is reduce Corporation Tax and Income Tax. This will leave more money in the hands of people.
Govt must reduce GST slabs in case of Auto sector.
Govt can recover the loss of tax revenue by liquidating assets such land holding and holding in PSUs. Govt should also get out of loss making public sector companies.
Govt spends more than 1 lakh crore every year on loss making PSUs like Air India, BSNL, MTNL and many more.
Govt should only run Post office, Railways and two or three large banks.

Author — mandar


The Arrogant lady and Old Man can't fix problem with stubborn decisions. There should be flexibility than fiscal discipline. Economy is not Rss Shaka or Nursery School. So beware it. How far we will expect from Rss walas and Arrogant peoples right decisions. No idea

Author — Economic Being Than Bhakt


What happens to the 5 trillion economy by 2024? Can India still reach that?

Author — Jason SY