A Decade of Game of Thrones | Emilia Clarke on Daenerys Targaryen(HBO)

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From the first day on set to the last, Emilia Clarke looks back at her time playing the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones in this extended edition of Season 8’s “The Cast Remembers” behind-the-scenes series.

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One of the most iconic characters of all time, no debate.

Author — That’s my name


Emilia talking about Daenerys is the best thing ever

Author — Majd Murad


The casting of Emilia as Daenerys is so spot on. She really embodied the role. Bravo Emilia!

Author — Lavinia Jane Hollis


She has such a great impact on popular culture that even people who never watch Game of Thrones know her. Iconic

Author — Neverland


Daenareys carried this series with her badass episode endings like Her scene with the baby dragons in S1 E10, Her leaving Astapor with the Unsallid, Her being Mhysa in Yunkai, Her arrival in Meereen, Her leaving the fighting pits in Meereen on top of Drogon, Her coming out of the burning Dothraki house, Her speech to the Dothraki on top of Drogon(BloodOfMyBlood), Her on the way to Westeros(WindsOfWinter).

Mad respect & love to Emilia Clarke for playing such a splendid role👐

Author — Divine Chareka


Emilia was the best thing about Season 8. You might not have liked what happens to Dany but Emilia was great.

Author — David Gorman


I don’t know how we would have coped if we lost Emilia to her two aneurysms.

Author — E N Fitz


Honestly they did daenerys so dirty last season...

Author — Martina *


The fact that the writers didn't tell her what Daenerys does in The Bells makes them really twisted

Author — HeikkiP


I can't imagine other actress as Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke the best.

Author — Diego Nadal


Dany is my queen, now and forever. I’m so sorry that D and D ruined you. You deserved so much better. You were the breaker of chains, not a mad Queen. You would’ve made Westeros better. I miss you and your children constantly.

Author — Isabella Purdy


She is the true queen of game of thrones and upon her death the land would of suffer their was no way she could of lost

Author — Zot Tv


Imagine giving live to this amazing character, spending years of your live on her, and then being left with that horseshit at the end.

Author — Mykhailo Poliukhovych


We bend the knee for you Emilia for what you went through during GoT.👸🏼

Author — Dan Norman


Daenerys, love her
or hate her
but you can't ignored her.

Thank you so much Emillia Clarke for playing this iconic character.

Author — Marion


i’ve been watching all these videos and let’s be real here: the whole cast couldn’t have been any better. literal perfection. world class acting from nikolaj coster-waldau, lena headey, peter dinklage, emilia clarke, the list goes on. All these individuals are superstars. (PSA: thank you to everyone except for the directors who ruined the final season)

Author — Kyce


*There will never be a more charismatic character in television history, her speech still give me goosebumps to this day. Danny will forever be our Queen*

Author — King Yeager


Daenerys is a great character. So sad that they will never finish her arc after season 7.

Author — Joker


legendary character and will always be remembered as the most iconic one of pop culture of the past decade.

Author — Jean Correa



Author — Adriana Ramirez