Ukraine Crisis: Armed pro-Russian militia storm Slaviansk

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Ukraine Crisis: Armed pro-Russian militia storm Slaviansk 4.5

Pro-Russian militia have hoisted a Russian flag on Ukrainian army armoured vehicles in Slaviansk and stormed city council building in Donetsk. The activists drive through the eastern town in a bid to undermine the central government's attempt to reassert control of the area. Now NATO says it will step up its military deployments by sea, air and land within days and calls on Russia not to support armed militia in Ukraine. Russia has refused to recognise Ukraine's pro-Western government since the countries president was ousted in February. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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I wonder when someone will tell the west to stop destabilizing the Middle East. Oh wait, Russia and China always vote against military action in the Middle East. This double standard system isn't working. Either the UN work for the greater good of all or cease to exist. This pro west agenda is becoming apparent to the world and being a part of UN has become meaningless at this point. As Russia stated it doesn't matter if they remain a member or get kicked out. They never were listened to in the organization anyways.

Author — PiniataMurderer


I wonder where they got all that military grade hardware from...

Author — Gladius


Who is that NATO guy? He makes my stomach turn.

Author — Anon


America is bankrupt and like a drowning man, grasping around trying to save himself,  they're  threatening China's sovereignty,   Russia's borders, holding military drills on north Korea's borders, and threatening Iran with sanctions while still arming terrorist's in Syria, they need a war to prop up the petro dollar and they don't care who dies!   

Author — Colonel*James*Steel*shil


Yeah lets all spout off on the internet. That will show em 

Author — Asfkd1


What's the I.R.A. doing there. 17/4/2014.Irish time 11:33am.Thursday.

Author — Paul Dunne


No war !!!! Leave our family alone if realy need a war send putin in the frontline

Author — price of avatar


ukrainian pro russia go to russia and leave pro ukrainian....problem solved right..

Author — Angelo Luna


Is it illegal to have an revolution??? If people want their government to turn 180 so bad that they took arms, why not let them settle with papers and pen with people discussing the matter, not with guns and weapons. The reason citizens took arms against its country is either the government is corrupted or they want change but the government won't listen to its people   

Author — Гquids


its now time to draw the line in the dirt, you will stand now you will not further advance the conquest of russia to gain its former s.u colonies you will back down immediately this will remain UKRAINE

Author — Amadi Adegok