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How To Use a Green Screen | Filmora Tutorial 5

When all is said and done, you will have learned the basics of setting up, shooting, and editing a green screen video.

1. Lighting
When filming green screen, lighting is the most important aspect. To get the cleanest result you have to light the green screen nice and evenly. If you don’t light it evenly, it will create different shades of green. If you have different shades of green, you will not be able to fully key it out, meaning you won’t fully remove the green screen. If the the light on the green screen isn’t even it will result in different shades of green, and those shades will not be removed because you can only remove one shade of green.

2. Creating Separation / Avoiding Spill
Make sure there is some sort of separation between your subject and green screen. When it comes to placing the subject in front of the green screen, they shouldn't be too close. You don’t want them to be casting a shadow on the green screen, or be SO close that the reflection of the green spills onto your subject. Spill is caused by the light bouncing the green light onto your subject.

3. Avoid the color Green
This concept, even though it sounds obvious, is often forgotten. But when filming green screen, your subject shouldn’t be green or wear the color green!! If your subject is wearing green or if there are any props, foreground / background elements that are green, They will be keyed out when you key out the background.
No matter what method, software, or camera you use for green screen, I always go over these 3 concepts before pressing record. There have been times where I forgot one or two of these concepts, and did not shoot it properly, and if it's not shot properly, it's not going to key well. Alright, now let’s get started.
Cheapest Options: Poster Board  & Shooting Outside
If you have never done green screen before, I suggest you get the cheapest option of green screen: poster board. Why, because it's cheap and easy to get! I got this from the dollar store, for less than a dollar.
But, the downside to poster board is that its can get messed up easily - you want to keep it in pristine condition because folds, tears, or if any of the color comes off can make the surface uneven. Which will result in the color of the poster board becoming uneven. When it comes to lighting poster board, or green screen in general, the easiest way is to go outside! The best type of day to film outside is during an overcast day. Reason is, there wont be super harsh shadows and the light will be the very even on both your subject and green screen. If it isn’t overcast, filming in a decent area of shade will do as well.

Once we got our footage let me show you how to edit this in Filmora. Make sure to have some footage to key into the green screen - anything will really do - but we’ll pick some landscape footage. After you have started up filmora, select Full Feature Mode and then proceed to import the background videos and Green Screen footage to the media library. Drag and drop the Green Screen video clip to the editor's Picture in Picture track, and put the image you want behind the green screen clip in the track below it. Right click the clip in the timeline and select the Green Screen option. The Picture in Picture window will pop up, and this is where you can preview your clip and key out certain colors. Before picking what color to key out, find a good frame to work from. On the right of this PIP window is a preview window. This is where we can see the edits we’re making. So to find a fram, lets use the scrubber at the bottom to find a frame.
Now, Check the "Make parts of the clip transparent" box. With the mouse, let's use the picker tool and select the color I want to key out, so in our case: green. Now, drag the slider to adjust the Intensity Level. As you can tell, this slider will affect the transparency your clip. Lets play back our changes to see how it looks. Make sure you keep an eye on your subject in front of your green screen, you may notice that some of your subject is keyed out them out, if they are you

Well that's how to shoot and edit Green Screen in filmora. I just want you to know that Green Screen isn’t limited to just backgrounds or the color green. Green is the standard because it doesn’t match any natural skin tone or hair color. You can technically use any color, but make sure your subject isn’t wearing it or that the color you’re keying out isn’t in the background/foreground or any ground of your image either. Hope this helped you guys out and keep making videos! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment! Tell us what you want to green screen. See ya next time.

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