Awkward exchanges as Trump meets with religious persecution survivors

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Awkward exchanges as Trump meets with religious persecution survivors 4.5

Donald Trump had some awkward exchanges with survivors of religious persecution during a meeting with them in the Oval Office on Wednesday. When Nobel laureate and Iraqi Yazidi human rights activist Nadia Murad requested aid for the Yazidis, Trump replied: 'And you had the Nobel prize? That's incredible. They gave it to you for what reason?' When asked by a Rohingya refugee about the plan to help his people, the US president replied: 'Where is that exactly?'

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Murad: They killed my mom and six brothers
Trump: Oh, where are they now?

Author — JStarStar00


“So where are your dead relatives now?…

Author — Oonagh72


You can tell by his body language how little he cares...he won’t even angle his body toward people when they’re speaking, and his eyes wander around the room 🤦🏻‍♀️

Author — maybememory1


No empathy. No compassion. Self centred, morally bankrupt slug. He is bringing America down. So sad.

Author — paul van der maas


He is just a stupid, heartless man and sometimes I also question his sanity.

Author — nertoni


Is this man a president???
is it possible???
Nadia murad : they killed my mother, my six brother!

Trump : where are they now???

WTF man?? WTF????

Author — Dr kazi munir sb36


not "I'm sorry for your Loss", but why did they give you the Nobel prize, cuz I deserve it Bigly.

Author — alohathaxted


This is the most embarrassing display of ignorance we have ever witnessed as a nation. He needs to go. IMMEDIATELY.

Author — Kate Conway


Trump’s inner voice:” I stopped the Korean War, what did this woman do?”

Author — Ethan Wang


After watching this, I bet all Americans overseas will now say they are Canadians, I know I would😂😂😂

Author — Porcus


“Bangladesh, right next to Burma” - fat orange infant nods as if he understands and wonders who’s got the Oreo Cookies?

Author — Hardy Demon


Trump" And you had the Nobel prize?!" In his mind he was like: They gave a brown person the Nobel prize!!! I should get the Nobel prize, I'm white and I'm El Presidente!

Author — Order in Chaos


Now this guys stupidity is officially beyond laughing matter!

Author — Yeti


The Nigerian woman can expect American troops to land in Nicaragua any time soon, "We'll take care of that"

Author — Embittered Drunk


Americans should be the first people on earth to know the most about geography.
Especially when you have fought wars in every part of the world.😝

Author — Chirag Patel


It’s next to Iran near the Gulf of Mexico by the Pacific Ocean in India

Author — Zaki Sadiqi


Murad:They killed my mom and 6 brothers....
Trump:oh! just killed... its not so serious!! where are they now??🤣🤣😂😂😜

Author — রাফসান শিখর


I don't see how you can possibly love America AND think this guy adequately represents America.

Author — Steve Velkos


He just there swivelling in his chair.

Author — Elfed Owen


Trump's thoughts: "hamberders" "she's not my type" Ivanka ....too bad I'm not younger"

Author — Louis Fabale