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The Hunt For The Hood (WW2 Battleship Documentary) | Timeline 4.5

The Hunt to Find Britain's Greatest Battleship She was a mighty symbol of Britain's greatness, yet she was destroyed in just three-and-a-half minutes. Experts go in search of the huge warship that sank in 1941, taking over 1400 men to the ocean floor with her. HMS Hood was thought by the British people to be the greatest warship afloat – so why did she sink so quickly? There's certainly no shortage of theories. Is the conventional explanation – a magazine explosion – the right one? If so, why did none of the three survivors hear such an explosion? Could Hood's own torpedoes have destroyed her? Was she overloaded under a grinding extra weight of special combat equipment? Had the ship been fatally weakened by her twenty long years of all-but-continuous operations on the high seas? Or was the ship's steel – from the same iron works as Titanic's – too brittle? Hopefully, resurrecting this magnificent warship will provide the answers to the questions that have baffled a generation.

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I had a great-uncle on board the HMS Hood on the day it was sunk. He was Stoker 1st Class Lawrence Crowley. RIP

Author — Heather M Brown


RIP Ted Briggs. He flew the Hood’s flag till the end.

Author — Tony Yomomma


A shell did not knock out the rudder, a torpedo from a swordfish knocked it out.

Author — Harry Miller


I never knew Ted Briggs was able to see his ship again before he died in 2008. Nice to see something like a sailor seeing his sunken ship.

Author — BlitzTaifun / DragonScales


My Grandad was onboard when the HMS Hood went down. He was Leading Steward Edward Plimbley. RIP to all who died onboard.

Author — Janine Plimbley


That signalman was so fortunate to live. It's crazy he got to see it again, good on those fellas for making that happen.

Author — Joe Blazer


Robert Ballard found the Bismarck in 89 I believe no matter who built her she was a magnificent ship

Author — Mark Wallace


RIP heros love from the USA the HMS Hood will never be forgotten

Author — Tom Underwood


RIP those brave souls - they will not be forgotten.

Author — ian connolly


Coming from an ex-submariner from across the Atlantic, Rest In peace brothers, we have the watch.

Author — Subguy686


A few years later, James Cameron led an expedition to dive the Bismark to determine if the Germans really did scuttle it in the final moments of the battle. That doc is on YouTube too. Timeline, as always, gives us the best.

It's hard to imagine the horror, terror and violence of these two great ships of war exploding and sinking, taking thousands of souls to dark, silent, cold, watery graves; these once awesome testaments to the engineering prowess of man now rusting monuments to the terrible price of war. Rest well, sleeping sailors, hopefully your sacrifice will serve as legacy and lesson that we the living may find in life what you found in death - peace.

Author — Walter Kelly


Touched the bell of HMS Hood recently. In Portsmouth Historical Dockyard. Surreal experience.

Author — thejudge 1897


breaking my heart to think of all those brave young men

Author — Vancou vera


To all the young beautiful intelligent lively man who have died in wars I pray that you are at rest with our Lord and you have peace in your heart and love and understanding and most of all forgiveness. May God bless you and love you and his sons name Jesus Yashua The Messiah/the Christ

Author — Pastor Paul D


Very heartwarming for last survivor of Hood to see his fallen brothers in arms one last time.

Author — Matthew Tencza


Great video, I'm glad she's been found and not Robbed like Titanic and Repulse were.

Author — Model- Man


78 years and 1 day later after the demise of the Bismark..

Author — Pash Cush


As a Brit, seeing the Remains of HMS Hood makes me swell up with emotions as nearly all the crew perished. Lest we forget.🌹😥

Author — 227 Bomber


R.I.P HMS Hood Mighty Battlesship and 1400 sailers sad story of war 2 great ships had an epic battle

Author — BrazyCastard


Just over 1400 Crew on the Hood and only 3 so tragic.

Author — robraver