Nerve Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Emma Roberts, Dave Franco Movie HD

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Nerve Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Emma Roberts, Dave Franco Movie HD 4.5
Nerve Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Emma Roberts, Dave Franco Movie HD

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of "watchers."

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When people get tired of Pokémon Go...

Author — brellyn muldoon


am I the only one who watches trailers even when you already watched the movie...?😂

Author — ammy g


I like how this movie is based off of The Blue Whale game.

Author — Toasty


Wow just watched this movie and trust me it's really freakin good. Worth your time. Adrenaline pumping, heart racing, screaming at the screen kinda good

Author — Amelia Hughes


Didn't know the movies name so instead i just wrote ''movie where they do challanges for money and views'' and i found it.

I know, im a genius.

Author — Racoon Garbage


Good movie. A bit short though, most movies aren't 2 minutes and 24 seconds...

Author — Kikifoun Unui


this movie is amazing I watched it THREE times in less than 24 hours lmao!! machine gun kelly and dave franco ugh yes

Author — DANA SLZR


This movie was so cool tho! Reminds me of Blue Whale

Author — xx pohtatoe xx


I've just watched this movie and it's one of the best I've seen in a while. It's really interesting and original and I liked it a lot. Only, this trailer shows too much, like the whole movie literary, so I would recommend you not to watch it whole.

Author — starsadmirer


many freaking spoiler in the trailer...

Author — marco latn


i loved the music in this movie, Melanie, Borns then Halsey wow

Author — goreletariat 001


Well... it looks like I just saw the entire movie.

Author — Alpha Lite


guys the movie is about youtube! :D open your eyes, doing dares, watcher or player, pranks and shit, this movie is actually about youtube, people do exactly same shit on youtube like in a movie :D

Author — Adrian Jerlikov


I also love it whenever Emma Roberts' voice squeaks, it's so adorable.

Author — Amethyst Aquarius



Alright, so I personally really liked this movie. The ending was amazing, and almost had me in tears. Although, I feel as if it would be better if Vee actually died. It would of been way more emotional and would send a more powerful message. That's just my opinion.

Author — alexa


Nerve is a really good film I have just sat and watched it

Author — Francesca Ash


I know emma roberts is cute but can we just acknowledge all the cute boys in the trailer- not just dave franco. Damn. Francos 31. Like wtf how.

Author — INF1NI73


Good thing I watched the movie before the trailer. They showed the whole movie.

Author — damdamdamdumdidum


😍😍😍I love it . The part that makes my heart thump is when the ending happens and she has to shoot her friend

Author — I can see your halo


This is the most underrated movie ever...itz my all time favourite😍😍

Author — chammu tae