I Found The BIGGEST Pokemon Card Mall!

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

In this Pokemon cards opening I went to the Nerd Mall which is the biggest Pokemon cards shopping mall I have ever seen.
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💬 Comments

I love when Rev goes into stores and tries to find Pokémon cards. These type of videos are the best!

Author — Danks


That place looks actually amazing and I would die to go there! We have maybe 5 card stores, not counting GameStop, in my state and one anime store (that I know of) so I definitely need to save up and do some traveling! So so cool! And that Mew holo looks in pretty minty condition for being light played! So interesting!

Author — Alayna Boucher


That store is actually amazing, they have a good variety of things, going somewhere like this is definitely on my bucket list

Author — Leah R


Looks like you found some good stuff in there! That delta species dragonite I sold a NM holo on eBay for like 2.99 🤦‍♂️

Author — Banned Socks


I think I speak for everyone. Keep doing the vlogs, they’re so much fun to watch and gives us the true experience of shopping with you!!

Author — tcgdon


wow! These are my favorite kinds of stores ever. Takes me right back to when I was a kid. Sadly the stores of this kind I loved most are all closed now and I’ve since moved out of the US. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane, Rev! 💕

Author — Msbeeboper


It's like we're all there with you. On the adventure. Love it

Author — Tom Hector


This store is the embodiment of nostalgy. What a beautiful place to spend his time.

Author — Jeffrey Bunzel


Thanks for all the work you do rev. I love coming home and then watching pokerev.

Author — Brinaphina25


Great job supporting that mall! It’s nice to see local shops stay open! 👏🏼

Author — Zack Dikken


It was so nice to see the stuff in the Nerd mall. A really nice shop! The vending machine could have been a fun way to get rare cards. Keep up the good work my man! :)

Author — SuperSvenergy


I wish there were more stores like that around. I love going and seeing things that you wouldn't normally see at a Walmart or target.

Author — eric martin


I love seeing the different content and seeing you go out and actually buying the stuff and seeing what you pick

Author — Dy Man


True experience of Pokémon shopping inside your house. Like those type of videos! Thank you, PokeRev, for them!

Author — Artem Chepak


That store seems pretty cool. They had a huge variety of things that you'd usually only be able to find online. I would like to find a store like that!

Author — Katie


I love going through bulk boxes like that. I know most of the cards aren't worth much, but digging for those cards that are like 20 years old is such a blast!

Author — DragonFangDan


Man thanks for taking us on a trip with you to such an awesome collectables store. Wish we had as much variety in stores down here. The 3 cards were definitely a blast from the past. I especially love the Mew as I used to have one as a kid. Keep up the great vids Rev and cheers from Australia.

Author — Calvin Yeap


Can we just appreciate this man how much effort he put on his videos

Author — respect the respect


I love it when you go to stores and find stuff that we have never seen before it’s just so cool! Great video! Keep crushing!

Author — Da UmPaLuMpA


Would love to have a look through the entire store. Would be interesting to see what you can find

Author — Joshua Burditt