First Brightline Train at the Orlando Station - May 17, 2022

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Orlando, Brightline has arrived at the Station!!

On Tuesday, May 17th at approximately 5:39PM, Brightline's BrightBlue 2 train arrived at the future Orlando Station at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) Intermodal Terminal, becoming the first train at the station. The train, which had no passengers, was at the station for about an hour for some testing before returning to the Vehicle Maintenance Facility for the night.

My thanks go out to Brightline for inviting me to document this historic event.

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1:37 BrightBlue 2 arriving at the platform for the first time from the Vehicle Maintenance Facility
4:15 Walk alongside train at platform
6:25 Moving to north end of the platform
8:37 Moving to Track 1
13:39 Arriving on Track 1
15:17 Departing back to the Vehicle Maintenance Facility

This was filmed on May 17, 2022.

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This is a huge milestone! I'm so happy to see the first train arrive at the Orlando station!

Author — 22817hm


I'm always skeptical of transit projects actually going somewhere, though Brightline less so since it's not under the direct control of incompetent government bureaucrats. (And you know, they're already providing real passenger service on the existing FEC Corridor, but I'm a "I'll believe it when I see it" type of guy as a matter of principle.) But it's stuff like this that makes me go "Man, this is really happening for real" and it just makes my day.

Author — Jacob Butler


After all these years: welcome to Orlando, Brightline! Long live the King!

Author — Pensyfan19


Being from Germany, I hope blind politicians will not kill this project. I live north of Florida and hope that someday our area will be served. From Orlando to Miami, I'll be using this train.

Author — TrucksAndDirt


This was marvelous! So glad that you could get the opportunity to document such a massive milestone. I'm very happy for you. Looking forward to the next milestones that lay ahead!

Author — EmilC2012 Productions


Really nice to see modernisation and new lines for the American rail network.

Author — frglee


It is interesting to see how much Brightline has been able to do is such a short time compared with the High Speed Rail in California.

Author — Michael W.


Congrats on #150. Love the videos and the precise geographical slant you bring to the construction process.

Author — forestfan


This is extremely exciting and congrats to Brightline in this achievement!!!

Author — Treble Sketch


Orlando will have one of the finest train stations in the country. It would be best if Sunrail would come to that station soon. Brightline should be a pure highspeed passenger service. Serving the Disney resorts could be done by Sunrail better. It would bring the revenue to that system it is lacking now.

Author — OldSchool1500


Huge congrats on 150 episodes! I look forward to seeing your updates, thanks for making this such a great inside look into how a railroad is built and the important milestones it reaches!

Author — bos2pdx2yvr


I can’t wait for wait to bring Brightline trains that are happy to see them being welcomed to the Orlando International Airport (MCO)!

Author — SunRailMV


Those are some great on the train shots. Seeing this progress getting so close to completion be great. You have produced so many videos documenting this.

Author — Grey Fox Trains


I’m Proud to be apart of this amazing JV W/ Herzog, Stacey and Railworks. We’ve accomplished so much in the past 3 years. Building a class 6 railroad and rehabbing the Existing Fec mainline. It’s Not easy with freights running all day it hinders our production but safety is key.! #BrightlinetoJacksonville

Author — B. Young


It is good to see a IC train finally moving into the Orlando Airport station. Can't wait to see been open to the public. It's something I will be using later on too.

Author — LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)


I have been watching the progress of this for a year now. My brother and his wife came down from PA to FT. Lauderdale earlier in May and I told him about this. They took the train and Loved it. I cannot wait until my wife and I get to ride it. Super!

Author — Gary petresky Sr


Congratulations and I've really enjoyed watching the progress of Brightline!

Author — Bennet Fox


And thanks for all the great videos. I look forward to each one every week. I sure hope BL invites you aboard the inaugural run between MCO and WPB.

Author — Art Hazeldine


Great to see the progress at my favourite destination airport. I hope that the project is a success, both financially and with the travelling public.

Author — Mervyn Partin


Progress!! That great that they made sure to include you in this big moment so that you can share it with all of us. Thanks!! (150 videos is quite the commitment on your part. Thanks for that as well.)

Author — Matthew Murtha