Border Agents Make Uncomfortable Discovery at Gatwick Airport | UK Customs Border Patrol

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Border Agents Make Uncomfortable Discovery at Gatwick Airport | UK Customs Border Patrol 4.5

Border Patrol agents find large amounts of drugs on a woman traveling from Montego Bay, including a package that is meant to fit inside a person. Security dogs get all the glory at Gatwick for finding the drugs, but now the interrogation begins. What are they going to find? Will the other people have nothing to declare or will they get locked up abroad?

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💬 Comments on the video

Whoever was in charge of balancing the audio levels needs to be fired.

Author — aiRCoft


They weren't looking for drugs - they were searching the bags for that narrator.

Author — jeangenie68


the narrator sounds like me when im telling a story and people talk over me ignoring my story

Author — Shannon Bristol


Legend has it the narrator was never found by customs, and was successfully smuggled all the way through the video inside the passenger’s suitcase.

Author — afwaller


It’s obvious she wasn’t the gang leader. She was probably living in poverty, being forced by some drug dealers into doing what she did..

Author — Dan DA little Man


It sounds like the narrator was inside the suitcases

Author — Zygo Matic


I think she reacted like that because she was forced into carrying the cocaine. Perhaps her family is now at risk because she failed.

Author — Johann Foo


This would be better if there was a narrator to give context and stuff

Author — LeviathanRL


I didn’t realize how big a thing smuggling cigarettes is

Author — Robin Spector


Who’s that interrupting in the background “ it’s very rude

Author — Martin Smith


18:38 The Narrator’s head comes out the suitcase for a few seconds here....

Author — Chubbachub628


I’m African and the real crime was what they did to those Yams😭

Author — Penny Shade


"don't insult my intelligence."
*insults the other guys intelligence*

Author — Midnight Commander


"Gary" is not of the caliber of most other agents.

"Why are you seizing my (empty) bags?"
Gary: "Because I said so."

Author — Shermanbay


Me: *Reads comments about how the narrator is so quiet

Me: There was a narrator?

Author — Galaxy


“You speak enough English to smuggle cigarettes” 🤦🏼‍♂️

Author — Xxiijfiixx 0


The bald agent sounds more like an American agent. The other agents are nice.

Author — FurKids OnBoard


She’s 23? I was thinking more like 30 something lol

Author — Rose Tree


I’m so addicted to these shows that I’m going to become a UK Immigration Officer, even though I’m American and have no legal right to work there.

Author — Eric Crownover


there's a wee man in the background trying to say something

Author — Bris Vegas