MLB All-Star Game Highlights (2019)

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MLB All-Star Game Highlights (2019) 5

2019 MLB All-Star Game Highlights - July 9, 2019
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'I'm gonna need you guys help I know you guys can see Gary's signs'
'We're gonna be part of the controversy'

This did not age well

Author — サッバーハハサン


"Your gonna tell me what's coming!" How ironic to say that to an astro.

Author — David Rodriguez


At least MLB's All-Star game is fun to watch

Author — Captain Star


These mic'd up moments are amazing. Also, DAMN! Berrios is nasty.

Author — SlapMyBass3825


Astros score on Kershaw pitching, how fitting lmao

Author — K4P


that curveball Verlander threw to Freddie on the second pitch 🔥🔥

Author — KING JAY


Thats nice that trout wore 45 for skaggs in the all star game he really is a good person

Author — Dominic Boatman


14:28 “Santana is retired in a great stretch by Pete Alonso” yes let’s completely ignore the diving play and throw from his knees from short right field

Author — im goin to eaven


“Minimum of 3 batters” **allstar game has left the chat**

Author — George Albers


1:31 he had no idea the astros where doing that same thing I bet verlanders heart sank for a minute thinking he knew about it

Author — KickStarrs


American league won again I'm sad for the 7th time in a row rip

Author — Clint Davis


Great Video!The MLB All Star Game looks like a normal game that you would see every day, which is good.
Unlike other all star games for other sports where the players don't put any effort into the game.

Author — Jonathan Riddarskjold


Why does verlander look awfully greenscreened at 1:49

Author — Baby Clout


Aroldis Chapman or Gallo should have won the all star mvp

Author — Aah Hi


astros guys seem way to comfortable with the the mics in there ears

Author — Connor Walsh


1:10 as a cubs fan that was the lightest Baez has ever swung.😂😂😂

Author — Critt 222

Author is over..back to the race for the AL...Yankees got a big homestand coming up...make it count!

Author — Dylan


In 2013 I watched my first All-Star Game.
Also in 2013 the AL began an as-of-yet unbroken winning streak in the ASG
I think *NOT*

Author — Hufflepuff Baseball


Okay. I have not watched the all-star game in years, but watching the batter getting a live two-way feed from the booth was absolutely hilarious. That took me by surprise, and I hope that I get to see more of that. I am only 3 minutes into the video, and already cracking up. Awesome stuff.

Author — Carlos Perez


I love how awkward Cody was talking to Yelich.
Yelich: “Cody had to hit that homer in game 7”
Bellinger: “My bad”

Author — max spits fax