XP Deus HF Elliptical Coil settings

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This is Part II of my favorite settings and programs I use on the XP Deus. In this video, I'll show you my settings when running the High Frequency Elliptical Coil. If you have any questions, please comment below and I'll do my best to respond.

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You are exactly right about tracking. It raises it and cuts into depth in iron.

Author — History Seekers


Like this video and I would like to try your deus program but may I ask which was the base program you started with. Some of the programs are based on older versions which use different filters, so I want to make sure and to get the base program correct.

Author — M O


I've got the 9in Hf coil but I am looking at the elliptical coil on ebay at the moment so I might just be getting that one as well lol

Author — The big man metal detecting


3:04 If you using fulltone mode, it doesnt matter what your iron volume setting is...

Author — hubsi 52


Good job with the video. You're exactly right. A little lower sensitivity in the iron can be a helpful thing.

Author — Ohio Metal Detecting


After all these years, I have finally purchased a new coil for my Deus. I picked up the 9” HF.

I enjoyed this one and may even give it a try.

Thanks for Sharing Matt!

Author — Matthew Pfeil™


Hi tarheel...just a heads up..
iron volume control has no effect when you are using full tones...

Author — Jason Downey


You forgot to say what program your settings are based on. Critical info.

Author — Rich Mikesell


Hi men I lost coil serial number how I dou to connect please I need help

Author — Omar omar


I've got the higher of the 2 High Frequency coils and I like to run it at 14.4KHZ. WTF!!! I've also got a Ferrari and I have it limited to 30 m.p.h.

Author — Arron BW


That coil does a great job for you Matt. If I ever buy another machine it just might be a XP Deus.

Author — MetalDetectingMichigan


Hallo my friend.Why in a hf disc, with upper freq limit near 80Khz, you set value 14, 4Khz?Wich is the reason then, you use that disc and not one from X35 LF serie?Many hallo from Greece...!!!!Have you any setting for nuggets? (i mean for HF Eliptical disc)

Author — Yiorgos Kalaitzoglou