How to record a voice over for your videos

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How to record a voice over for your videos 4.5

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Many of you have been sending us questions about sound recording and editing, so we’ve made a video on the subject. If you follow our advice, you’ll have improved sound in your videos.
How to choose a microphone

The best option for those who want to make videos professionally is a semi-professional studio microphone.

For a home video, you can easily use a cheap lavalier, desktop microphone for a computer, or even an ordinary Skype-type headset.

Just don't use the mic that’s built-in to your computer or laptop. While it might be fine for a Skype call, it would be a mistake to use one for a voiceover.

How to set up a microphone

Step 1. Connect the microphone to the computer.

Step 2. Open a project in the video editor and Click the 'Record Voice Over' icon in the tools section.

Step 3. Choose the mic you want to use for the voice over from the Audio Device tab and then select the Audio quality. We recommend recording a voice over in mono at no less than 44 kilohertz.

Step 4. Now that you’ve set up the mic, you are ready to record. Click 'Start Recording'. The countdown begins, and it’s time to start recording. The recording will stop automatically when the video finishes. Or you can stop it yourself at any time. Now, locate your voice over on the audio track timeline - you can edit it easily right in the program.

How to improve your voice over

Select the clip with the voice over. Click 'Audio properties' in the tools section and experiment with the normalizer and audio special effects.

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