Modern Backhoe Loader Tractors In Action

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Modern Backhoe Loader Tractors In Action

00:00 Intro
00:20 Huddig
01:38 Lännen
02:16 Hydrema
03:32 Case
04:05 Cat®
04:43 JCB
05:52 Terex
06:27 New Holland
07:04 Hyundai
07:34 Volvo

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Music #2: The War Within by RomanSenykMusic.

Music #3: Trailer Epic Background Music by Infraction / Sky Comes Falling Down

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Они !Прелести ! Лапочки! Красавцы! Обожаю такие Малышки!!!

Author — kamaz cristina


I bet JCB have watched this video many times

Author — jonathan bell


szeretem amit csinálsz, csak igy tovább!

Author — farmer Botond


Thanks for your sharing" watching here my new friend. full packages, ,

Author — Ranel Trazona


Huddig/Lännen and Hydrema with a tilt tiltrotor is really a class of its own when it comes to versatility. Problem is you can buy three JCB's for the price of one Huddig.

Author — SwedishVilsten


The Huddig and Lännen concept is really tractor versatility porn! But also nice to see other, even american, manufacturers now have "invented" the zoom stick (and boom) we had in the 70:ies in Sweden from Sandco including tiltrotators! Haha

Author — Uppsalahazze Markstedt


I saw this video until the end, very interesting to watch, keep working friends!

Author — Traktor Indonesia


The backhoe loader is now a thing of the past! Compared to, for example, Volvo ewr170e or cat m317f with tiltotrol, they have no chance to be even 1/4 as efficient as an excavator!

Author — Kris162


We have that type in Farm simulator 19 by North modding company it's awesome

Author — Metroplex 2428


You can have any digger you want but you must still have a good driver from cork city

Author — Barry Brady


The Huddig and Lännen are playing in completely other division to the rest.

Author — Gustaf Gagge


Наверно я себе такой эсковатор никогда не куплю.

Author — Кучмек Баурсакович


Huddig and Lännen are next level... Im so sad that i would never have a chance to work on it... I love other brands like Cat, Jcb and Volvo, but they will have machinery like this in mby 30 years...

Author — FBI


Essas versão de máquinas já estão em vendas no Brasil

Author — Parceiro do agro


Хедрема 906 в прелесть мошына отработал нашей 24 года досихпор работаю Крым Ялта вадаканал

Author — Алексей Климкин


What’s the name? Not too many machines with four wheels the same size around here.

Author — Dan Lux


Загрузить 25 тонный самосвал задним ковшом можно примерно за 8 часов

Author — Wheels of the soul Велосипедные Новости


cette machine la elle est bien parce que elle a plusieur fonctionalite

Author — Loris Timmermans


The budding is a record breaking machine

Author — Paul Morton