Broken Contact - A Poltergeist Story (2020 Full Movie) Free w/ Ads

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Broken Contact - A Poltergeist Story (2020 Full Movie) Free w/ Ads 5

💀 Broken Contact - A Poltergeist Story (Full movie) 🎥📺
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A 2020 free youtube horror movie based on the true story of 2 paranormal investigators that were followed home by something from the other side (Containing actual footage of real paranormal investigations)

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, paranormal activity or demons the things we caught on camera during this ghost hunt are completely unexplainable. Unexplained paranormal activity gone wrong. This felt like living through a horror movie but we caught it all on tape. It was very scary! We will never forget this night and neither will you. free movies on youtube 2020.

Join us as we stake out and try to communicate with the afterlife.

This content may be considered extremely disturbing to some and should be watched at viewers own discretion.

All background music is licensed from epidemic sounds, artlist and audiojungle. Mindseed TV maintains the rights for commercial use.

The videos we caught on camera are that of unexplained phenomenon and shocking paranormal activity. This tape will leave you terrified in horror.

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Our first movie ever is a day early SURPRISE!!!!If you enjoy the film tell a friend to check it out! 😁 Cheers 🥂

Author — MindSeed TV


The whole mind sees tv need to be on tv or Netflix Hulu something this is too fire 🔥

Author — Scottie Tarr


I'm just sad that a demon ran into his room without knocking

Author — Zachery Williams


Id prefer less added music and sound effects. What if we as the viewers hear something y'all didn't. It happens. Bc with the added sounds we cant.

Author — cassandra sotos


I was so invested then fake prints in the powder let it down 😢😢😢

Author — Chez Simpson


The way you guys produce all of these out of pocket and now a whole movie and it’s FREE???? Like I feel the love you guys have for doing these for us and I love watching them!!!! Very genuine YouTube channel I feel like I’m in a nice community on your page & within the comment section. Love u guys!

Author — Avy Watson


I love how tanners house is so ‘Bachelor’ lol it’s cute

Author — Katy Bug


Well if that was me at the end and I heard those "chicken feet" coming I would have been gone out that window!! 😂🤤 I'm scared of chickens!!

Author — Tonya Simerly


This is up there with the first, Paranormal Activity movie. I enjoyed this thx guy's, now can we get a pt2 and pt3 plz.

Author — T.G.E


Can we all appreciate this was for free . I love you guys so much and whenever I watch your video's they take me in a different world . Keep doing what you're doing ♥️♥️♥️

Author — Vidya Shetty


What ever ran in his room wasn’t human, maybe a ghost alien those footprints are very disturbing. That was definitely a demon

Author — Izuku Midoria


This was one of the most watchable things that I have ever seen on youtube.Just brilliant and atmospheric and so well made. Thanks, guys.

Author — heifetz14


the lady that died was my neighbour she actually came for thanksgiving first time her and her family moved in, they were brilliant &respectful people.

Author — Ionica Baby


So no ones gonna talk about how there’s a t-Rex spirit in Tanners house 👀

Author — Md Stxckz


My heart was pounding as if I was there when those glasses started flying out the cabinets. Can’t imagine how you both felt

Author — Christina Pefanis


Those stairs gave me flashbacks from when tanner was dragged at that other log cabin that was ridiculously huge... where the friend “accidentally” shot his friend

Author — my journal therapy 88


Tanner busting his ass in the end cracks me up even though the rest had me freaked out 😂

Author — SharpOnes4


Tanner I need to know if those footprints are real or not absolutely mindboggling

Author — Will Sundius


we definitely need a part 2.
this is better than most of the horror movies.

Author — Kunal Kashyap


Amy Allen the medium has talked about how there are aliens amongst us not just ghosts/spirits...and also demons and shadow people and tricksters and troggles and blob type things...there are many things out there we dont all get to see

Author — cassandra sotos