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Authenticity Check of lacoste polo shirt bought from someone else or online shop.

1) Ask the seller for proof of purchase – most online sellers will give you gift receipts or send you a copy of the original receipt.

2) Check the logo - most fakes have bad logos with distorted lines and stitching. They also often use the wrong color thread. The crocodile should be dark green on a white patch, The claws and teeth of the crocodile should be distinct, and its top jaw should be smaller than the bottom one.

3) Check the sizing – Lacoste uses numbers for sizing, not small, medium and large

4) Check the Fabric – Most fakes are made with much thinner cloth than genuine Lacoste shirts. If you put your hand inside the shirt, and you can see it through the cloth, then it’s almost certainly a fake. You can also check the weave to see if it matches Lacoste’s exclusive “petit pique” patter

5) Check the Buttons – Real Lacoste buttons are usually mother-of-pearl. The shape is flat and slightly saddle-like in the middle. There are 2 holes for needles (on the upper and lower parts). There is usually no writing on the button. A genuine button will have a clearly defined rim around it

6) Check the care instruction tag and the Label – On a new Lacoste shirt with an ironed on label, the Lacoste label will look like the example shown below. Most fake Lacoste makers don’t do a thorough job on the label. In particular, the lettering and logo are usually have blurred edges.

7) Check the Tag – An authentic Lacoste Classic shirt will come with only 1 tag like this one. Again, this an area in which most forgers don’t put in a lot of effort. If your item doesn’t come with tag with classic code L12.12 10 XXX (XXX colour code) then it’s not authentic.

8) Check the Label – Most fake Lacoste makers don’t do a thorough job on the label. In particular, the lettering and logo are usually have blurred edges.

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