2018/09/09 Quirpon Newfoundland Labrador

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

A tiny fishing village located on the extreme northern tip of Newfound Labrador. Quirpon has a rich history and was once a fishing vessel port of call. Today with a declining population following the Northern Cod Moratorium it struggles to stay alive.

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love this place,  great shot of the cemetery where my father, grandparents and many family members lay to rest.  im a taylor but my grandmother was a pynn.

Author — @blueishwhite


awesome video ...made me right sad in a good way....good ol wayne bartlett..one of my moms ( hazel pynn) best friends....we lived right beside the hotel he built and across the street from his house ....r.i.p ange

Author — @brietebank9582