20 Minutes of Assassin's Creed Origins Open World Gameplay in 4K - E3 2017

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20 Minutes of Assassin's Creed Origins Open World Gameplay in 4K - E3 2017 4.5
We explore Egypt in this Assassin's Creed Origin's gameplay featuring new combat and abilities of the newest lead hero of the series. Played on the Xbox One X.

Disclamer: We'd like clarify that the audio in the videos doesn't represent the game audio. There was an audio issue with the Ubisoft required equipment on-site.

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Hi All,

4K is still processing on Youtube. Thanks for you patience!


Author — IGN


0:25 Ahh, the classic "Trying to get inside window, but ends up climbing by mistake"
A tale as old as time...

Author — Dracule 'gimme the loot' Mihawk


"See the mountain in the distance? You can climb that." -Todd Howard

Author — Azrael Selvmord


Not going to lie, this game looks good.

Author — Erick Francis


Who else got annoyed by the way there is no footstep sound?

Author — ill Wizard


16:44 Never knew Egyptians had speed boats

Author — Vickaxe 802


That moment when he climbs the building instead of the window
That's when you know it's AC

Author — Garlic Boi


Let me tell you something. Those palms are some of the sexiest trees I've ever seen in a video game.

Author — NeWx89


Hey look! The *EAGLE* has *EAGLE VISION!*

Author — Jinhunter Slay


the person who is playing is so bad at the game

Author — Thehappybunny


there's already bias against this game because of the failures of the previous releases, but it really does look better than what we were getting previously from ubisoft.

Author — Argo Athen Mosaw


20 seconds in and he climbs up something accidentally. good to see not everything has changed...

Author — sjmodderhug


I can't wait for this game, I love Eygpt and I wasn't expecting them to do Eygpt. If the combat and controls are difficult in origins doesn't that mean that all the other AC games were easy? If there changing things around isn't that a good thing as they are stepping outside the box and listening to new ideas.I would rather they spice it up then stick to same thing, it would get a bit dull reusing the same notations.

Author — MissWhite Fox


What people should understand, the game is not finished yet

Author — Liam Kudla


Mixed feelings, it's looking really good but I still think it's going to give the same feeling like previous AC's did: Slowly getting boring. I'll still buy it, even though the freerunning looks a little too arcadish

Author — Bringdead2thegame


Altair is the best assassin him and ezio

Author — Griselda Levario


never knew egyptian boats were powerd by a V8

Author — elmoisaruler


The game looks amazing but I really hope ubi takes these next 2 months to polish up the game and fix the small things like at 15:20 when he assassinates the floor instead of the guard.

Author — JgTV


This isn't the full release yet, they're still working on the full game so don't get mad at the game right now, full release and it'll be 20x better, also he's playing on PC with the remote (I Assume or XBOX)

Author — Boltzzzs


Game looks amazing but I am a little scared of the combat system

Author — thom the