The Jackal Wants Some Too | Secret Life of Tigers

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The tigress brings down a deer for her cubs, but a nearby jackal is looking for a piece of the prize.

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The Jackal Wants Some Too | Secret Life of Tigers

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How nice to see all the tigers to be well nourished.😊

Author — Georgia Andrea


"Usually the females that start the argument"... Just like with us humans.

Author — Meteora


The inspiration for the acquaintanceship between Shere Khan and Tabaqi in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.

Author — Wes McInerny


Wait, that's it? I was waiting for some kind of plot twist.

Author — Evoke


very interesting thank u for the video

Author — The secret of life82


Oh no...deer. Run, your about to get Tiger'd!

Author — SMILESZ2


but.. but.. i thought attenborough is only on bbc..

Author — Hãris حارس