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Inside the underground Nazi 'village' - BBC News 4.5
Shifting sands have revealed a forgotten world of Nazi tunnels underneath The Hague.

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Truly fascinating. There's probably more large undiscovered bunkers like this all around Belgium

Author — Dan Klim


I was expecting a group of people with symbols on their head screaming something German.

Author — Oblivion 1


It’s a vault from fallout 4

And the eegle is an aquila I know because I play warhamer 40k

Author — Walter Clements


Shifting sands! I thought it said that

Author — Col A North East


What harm will a Nazi eagle do now? Why is there danger from these finds. The real enemy is the left now.

Author — CBM 215


Can you please look inside the radicalisation of Islamic extremists in the UK I think that's what the BBC should be looking at right now. There hasn't been 3 Nazi attacks in the UK this year...

Author — Reece Dyas


Is the the BBC's new television centre?

Author — Laurence Connelly


This would be interesting to visit, especially because it has been restored to what it actually looked like.

Author — luv2travel2000


The atlantic wall was the greatest dud in military history.

Author — Peter Roberts


here come the neckbeard "niceguys" coming to spread their knowledge

Author — Alex B


BBC I better not catch you slipping in my ends again...

Author — Luke L.D.S


He and some of the other top officials escaped by submarine from Spain's Cartagena area. When visited the area, there was a small bay to the East of Cartagena, where I got strong visions about WWII German submarines getting loaded by trucks but also cars approaching. The road was very bad. Now, how he and his entourage got there? Don't know. Perhaps from Italy?

Author — HH WE


Or as it's called today, the white house basement.

Author — David Robinson


*So glad the Nazi's didn't win otherwise we'd be living in some kind of European superstate and everything from our cars to dishwashers would be German made*

Author — Nathan Jones


The Atlantic wall will rise again against the English Overlords. We need to protect Europe from this scammers from the island.

Author — Günther Lehmann


These massive permanent structures were part of Germany's overcompensating...for something they lacked.

Author — Kienyeji Chicken


Corbyn could use this for his communist uprising.

Author — Steve Cramlington


WTF underground Nazi "village"? The NASDP surely didn´t have underground tunnel network or "village" underneath of Hague. Those are only normal military use tunnels of the German Army, Wehrmacht, from the WWII era. It is so confusing that the BBC has today so uneducated and unprofessional people making news videos, like this one, that they don´t even know basic historical facts. The NSDAP was only a political party, which ruled the state of Germany, the German Reich,  between 1933-1945, just like for example the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in the UK. The historically right headline, based on historical facts and evidences, should be a secret the WWII era German Army/Wehrmacht world.

Author — GBOY69GAY


Nice infos; terrible reporter who doesn't seem to know shite about WWII history.

Author — Kankai Gentoku


German plans for world domination did not originate with Hitler, or end in 1945. Nationalists around the world are in a proxy war with an underground globalist movement known as “Deep State”. This totalitarian movement hides behind left wing causes and instigated the Russia collusion narrative. In 1914 Germany started World War I with plans to create a European Customs Union, in order to combat Russian expansionism. Germany has long held plans to bring the world to heel via a European Union. Read the 1914 German “Mitteleuropa" plan, “The September Program".

In 1939 Hitler started World War II, with plans to unify Europe under German rule. In 1944 when the Allies reached Normandy the Nazi’s knew defeat was imminent. Martin Bormann then set up various organizations to finance German domination of the world by stealth. On the 10th August 1944 Nazi industrialists attended a meeting at a building in Strasbourg known as "The Red House”. They were instructed to gather patents, key personnel and intellectual property in preparation for a mass exodus of German financial power. Failure to do so would result in assets being seized by the enemy. This was the 1st meeting of the organization that later resurfaced as "The Bilderburg Group", (founded by SS officer Prince Bernhard of Netherlands). Qanon has repeatedly advised followers to “Study Nazism” in order to find out what the world is up against. Read the 1950 Nazi document “The Madrid Circular"

In 1950, "The Madrid Circular" emerged from a secret Nazi organization set up in Madrid during the war by Himmler. This document claimed that many of those supposedly executed for the July 20th bomb plot were provided new identities in order to further the Nazi cause after the fall of Berln. The Madrid Circular gave Nazi’s credit for Allied failure to carry out “The Montague Plan" of dividing Germany into agricultural farmland in order to supply Europe with food.

Also detalied was a long term plan to manipulate Islam, first against Russia and then against the USA. As far back as 1936 Nazi’s persuaded Persia to rename itself as Iran, because Iran is Farsi for Aryan. Nazis planed to revive the ancient concept of Jihad in order to destroy the worlds super powers as they quietly worked towards their dream of Germanic totalitarian rule upon the world. The 1950 Madrid Circular, also detailed the Nazi planned formation of the European Economic Community. Indeed, the first President of the EEC (1957) was former Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein. During the war, Hallstein was chosen by Hitler to represent the Reich in negotiations with Mussolini’s lawyers to determine how rule of Europe would be distributed between them.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the Nazi’s never surrendered. Rather than surrender and declare an end to hostilities the Nazi Party abdicated power to Admiral Karl Donitz, and his temporary Flensburg Government. Documents of surrender were signed by representatives of the Flensburg Government, the Army, Navy and Airforce, but not the Nazi Party Itself. As revealed in The Madrid Circular, the post-war Nazi movement intended to overthrow the USA and Russia by stealthy infiltration, Cold War, financial manipulation and Jihad. Nazi’s looted the entire wealth of conquered nations and managed to use organizations such as The Bank of International Settlements to do so. That stolen money is still in action today, paying off those who further the globalist totalitarian agenda whilst publicly feigning ignorance.

READ: The Nazi’s Go Under Ground
by Curt Reiss. (Written in 1943 by a formerly Berlin based jewish joirnalist)
READ: "The Rise Of The Fourth Reich - Secret Societies That Threaten To Take Over America"
by Jim Marrs. (famed Bilderburg Group nemesis).
READ: "The Third Way, The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism.
by Dr Joseph P Farrell. (Learn about The Madrid Circular and Nazi revival of Jihad).
READ: "A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, CIA, & Rise of Muslim Brotherhood in West”
by Ian Johnson. (September 11th 2001 - Hitlers dream of destroying Manhattan).
READ: "Critical Mass: How Nazi Germany Surrendered Enriched Uranium for US “Atomic Bomb”
by Carter Plymton Hydrick. (Surrender of Nazi Uboat U234 that triggered the Cold War).

Author — G B