Inside the underground Nazi 'village' - BBC News

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Inside the underground Nazi 'village' - BBC News 4.5

Shifting sands have revealed a forgotten world of Nazi tunnels underneath The Hague.

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Truly fascinating. There's probably more large undiscovered bunkers like this all around Belgium

Author — Dan Klim


I was expecting a group of people with symbols on their head screaming something German.

Author — Oblivion 1


Can you please look inside the radicalisation of Islamic extremists in the UK I think that's what the BBC should be looking at right now. There hasn't been 3 Nazi attacks in the UK this year...

Author — Reece Dyas


a fascinating video. i'm amused though as to why it is referred to as an "underground nazi village"? why not just a german village?
my point being not all germans were nazis ( ie members of the national socialist party )

Author — Anthony Walsh


It’s a vault from fallout 4

And the eegle is an aquila I know because I play warhamer 40k

Author — Walter Clements


I only recognise achtung from Wolfenstein 😂😂

Author — Corey Rogers


Or as it's called today, the white house basement.

Author — David Robinson


What harm will a Nazi eagle do now? Why is there danger from these finds. The real enemy is the left now.

Author — CBM 215


Is the the BBC's new television centre?

Author — Laurence Connelly


Soro's mates, soros who funds blm, who the BBC romanised

Author — Harry Barry


This would be interesting to visit, especially because it has been restored to what it actually looked like.

Author — luv2travel2000


Shifting sands! I thought it said that

Author — Col A North East


He and some of the other top officials escaped by submarine from Spain's Cartagena area. When visited the area, there was a small bay to the East of Cartagena, where I got strong visions about WWII German submarines getting loaded by trucks but also cars approaching. The road was very bad. Now, how he and his entourage got there? Don't know. Perhaps from Italy?

Author — HH WE


*So glad the Nazi's didn't win otherwise we'd be living in some kind of European superstate and everything from our cars to dishwashers would be German made*

Author — Nathan Jones


Most Nazi's where more honest and nicer people than the BBC

Author — Miki Dewberry


BBC I better not catch you slipping in my ends again...

Author — Luke L.D.S


Good of them to remember their own complicity and not cover up the ugly past. Plenty of people need that lesson now, yeah?

Author — Ive Chang


here come the neckbeard "niceguys" coming to spread their knowledge

Author — Alex B


The Atlantic wall will rise again against the English Overlords. We need to protect Europe from this scammers from the island.

Author — Günther Lehmann


This is disguising, the soldiers should of had there own rooms, not been sharing.

Author — Chris Taylor