Highlights of the first Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019

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Highlights of the first Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019 4.5

The first Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Tel Aviv on the 14th of May. The following songs qualified for the final:

The first 10 finalists are:
Greece (ERT) – Katerine Duska, Better Love
Belarus (BTRC) – ZENA, Like It
Serbia (RTS) – Nevena Božović, Kruna
Cyprus (CYBC) – Tamta, Replay
Estonia (ERR) – Victor Crone, Storm
Czech Republic (CT) – Lake Malawi, Friend Of A Friend
Australia (SBS) – Kate Miller-Heidke, Zero Gravity
Iceland (RUV) – Hatari, Hatrið Mun Sigra
San Marino (RTV) – Serhat, Say Na Na Na
Slovenia (RTVSLO) - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl, Sebi

💬 Comments on the video

I can’t believe San Marino qualified over Portugal, Hungary or Belgium.

Author — me


I wanted Hungary and Portugal in the final😭

Author — M4rtin4 P


How did San Marino qualify and Hungary didnt. Im blaming the public cos no way a chorus with 4 words won over their juries. I reckon hungary got the jury votes but didnt get the public votes (for some idiotic reason)

Author — Haricric03


Well... at least Greece 🇬🇷, Iceland 🇮🇸 and Serbia 🇷🇸 qualified

Author — Amalie Nielsen


Can’t believe that San marino is in grand final. 😭

Author — Anri Shengelia


Serbia & Slovenia grew on me during this semifinal 💜💜💜 I was sad Hungary didn’t qualify. Shocked San Marino was in and Portugal out.

Author — DearMakeUpDiary


I'm so sorry for Hungary, Joci should have qualified easily.:(

Author — kittenoffic


Australia or Serbia could be winner from this semi-final. Waiting for the second to see who else will join the fight

Author — Mr AR


I'm so sorry for Hungary, Belgium and Portugal :(

Author — KakaoSchoki


Why not Portugal and Hungary??? Why?? 😭😭😭

Author — Anxhela Hasankolli


Happy for Greece Australia Serbia and Cyprus

Author — Bañan Vsnsms


Amazing performance of Serbia... vocal and scene... 12 points from Croatia!

Author — Jovan Bojanic


Nobody’s talking about Poland but I think they KILLED IT! Love those slavik vibes and beautiful singing

Author — D C


I wasn’t really happy that Finland didn’t qualify. Or Belgium, or Poland. But I’m really happy for Estonia, Serbia, Cyprus and Slovenia.

Author — Leah Rowden


Am I the only one who expected too much from Tamta's performance? Her studio version is sooo much better than the live performance

Author — Ziva Rizmal


"But in the end, they didn't" ahahah amazing

Author — Alexandre Palma


My ideals would have been
Finland, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Serbia, Australia

Author — denis c


Still sad that Hungary, Poland, Georgia and Portugal didn't qualify... 😭😭😭

Author — ESC Vasilis


10:30 I was laughing so hard when i heard Iceland in the show and saw their reaction😂😂

Author — Denied Waffle


i’m so happy that the czech republic and serbia are in the final ♡

Author — jamaisjeon