Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context

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Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context 4.5
In which John discusses the crisis in Ukraine, and how the influence of Russia and Europe have shaped Ukrainian politics for centuries. REMINDER: Educational videos are allowed to be more than four minutes long.

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Americans, always distorting the facts. Anything to make Russia look bad.

Автор — Light of the Fatherland


Disclaimer: everytime he says Western Ukraine he means Eastern Ukraine*. East is to the right, closer to Russia.

Автор — MrHunter r


In Slavic languages 'kraj' means also means 'land', 'state', 'country', 'region' etc. For instance: Polish 'Armia Krajowa' (Army of State), Slovak 'Bratislavský kraj' (Bratislava region), Středočeský kraj - literally 'center Czech lands' - the Prague district. It's pretty obvious that the central, core part of country where the capital placed doesn't mean 'borderland'.
In Ukrainian 'kraj' means 'country', a known Ukrainian motto 'nasha kraina - Ukraina' means 'our country is Ukraine'.

Автор — Jiří Kropočev


Come on man, you've confused Ukrainian west and east like 5 times throughout the whole video. I love your vids but you should be more careful in your research:
- it's the EASTERN Ukraine that majorly speaks Russian
- it's the EASTERN Ukraine that wants to be more closely aligned with Russia

And it's geographically more logical since the east of Ukraine shares a border with Russia, while the west of the country shares border well, with the WEST (Europe)

P.S. I was born and live in the South of Ukraine

Автор — Andrew Grischenko


John, as a Canadian, I think I speak for 90% of Canadians when I say, WE DON'T WANT SARAH PALIN. I mean Alaska*. 

Автор — Tarathiel123


As someone who's lived in Alaska I know they'd say otherwise

Автор — The red Fox


You messed up "Western" and "Eastern" a few times, for example when you said "Western Ukraine, which was an industrial centre" and that "Western part of the country wants to be more close with Russia". The reality is opposite.

P.S.: Still, despite some mistakes, it is a good video among many videos created by people, who don't know much about Ukraine(it's actually ~95% of people in Western countries).

Автор — Stepan Tvorovskyi


I think the industrial part is the Eastern one, not Western

Автор — anton sakharov


So Ukrainian history begins from Crimean war? very informative

Автор — gobodrodiont


This individual has collected all of his "facts" from the western media sources. Western media comprises of US, UK and anti-Russian Ukranians which is why their propaganda is so effective.

Tying deaths of people to Putin and Russian politics is purely an unjustified and unproven accusation. Russia and Ukraine are blood brothers and always have been way before America was even established so American intervention here is a load of hypocritical bullshit since the US army has invaded and broke more territorial laws than the Nazis during World War 2.

Yanukovic is considered pro-Russian but his actions in the last 2 years have been proving otherwise; his last second decision not to join the European Union was based upon the facts that the Ukranian citizens would see no benefits from this deal.
Their resources would be harder and more expensive to acquire, their ties with Russia will be broken and their national politics will be decentralised and handled by God who knows in the EU. Judging by referendum and many participating voters, the Ukranian people are equally split on this issue resulting in rough estimates of 50% pro-EU and 50% pro-Russian.

If you are interested in getting the full story then read into Russian and Ukranian history yourself, don't let news sensationalists like vlogbrothers dictate your views.

Автор — Big M


2:25. Oops! Russian is spoken mostly in the EAST of Ukraine, and in Crimea.

Автор — David Sims


1689 Ukrainian “Hetmanschina” or “Viysko Zaporizhske” if to get deeper Ukraine have pretty long history

Автор — Алексей Хренкто


nice try, I say as Ukrainian.
two corrections I would make: there was no revolution in 1917 in Moskovia and word "Ukraine" never meant "boarder land".
somewhat misleading, but for a westerner not the worst try.

Автор — Oleksandr Domashenko


To many inuendoes, thst have nothing to do with video .subject .
And you talk to fast. ! By !



Если Украина и "Окраина", то это окраина Европейской цивилизации, далее уже Мордва...

Автор — Nazarii Baginsky


One big mistake - sometimes you confuse western and eastern part of Ukraine

Автор — Юлія Гришко


Snipers were shooting police and protesters.
The new coalition is not interested in investigating.
Saying Russia invaded is exaggerating.
Marines from Sevastopol were mobilized.
Sevastopol is inside the Ukraine.
Crimea has agreed in a referendum to join Russia.
People living in the Crimea are pro Russia.
There are plenty of Ukrainian people holding a Russian flag high today.
It is an entire shit show.
If there is any good in this situation it sure is hard to find.

Автор — Graham Fraser


small remark: eastern part of Ukraine is industrial center not western

Автор — Skiki


Thanks for this video, that's right, but I have one clarification. Ukraine from the Ukrainian language is translated as a country. The word "outskirts" is often used by Muscovites.

Автор — Igor Orlov


‘Its complicated’ is code for ‘I have no idea what I am talking about’

Автор — A Singh