Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context

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Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context 4.5
In which John discusses the crisis in Ukraine, and how the influence of Russia and Europe have shaped Ukrainian politics for centuries. REMINDER: Educational videos are allowed to be more than four minutes long.

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Disclaimer: everytime he says Western Ukraine he means Eastern Ukraine*. East is to the right, closer to Russia.

Author — MrHunter r


1689 Ukrainian “Hetmanschina” or “Viysko Zaporizhske” if to get deeper Ukraine have pretty long history

Author — Алексей Хренкто


You messed up "Western" and "Eastern" a few times, for example when you said "Western Ukraine, which was an industrial centre" and that "Western part of the country wants to be more close with Russia". The reality is opposite.

P.S.: Still, despite some mistakes, it is a good video among many videos created by people, who don't know much about Ukraine(it's actually ~95% of people in Western countries).

Author — Stepan Tvorovskyi


‘Its complicated’ is code for ‘I have no idea what I am talking about’

Author — A Singh


You are confusing west with east and east with west.

Author — YouToralf


Glorious spirit of Ukraine shines and lives forever.
Blessed by Fortune brotherhood will stand up together.
Like the dew before the sun enemies will fade,
We will further rule and prosper in our promised land.

We will lay our soul and body for the cherished freedom.
Cossack blood will raise the nation of the joyous people.

For the liberty the folk strives ardently from San to Don,
And will let no alien power in our common home.
Aged Dnieper and Black Sea arm in arm rejoice,
And Ukraine will see daylight and live by Fortune’s choice.

We will lay our soul and body for the cherished freedom.
Cossack blood will raise the nation of the joyous people.

Passion and hard-working hands prove bright future true.
Song of freedom, loud and clear, guides us all way through.
Over mountains and steppes it flows, over ages told.
Valorous Ukraine stands strong in a thriving world.

We will lay our soul and body for the cherished freedom.
Cossack blood will raise the nation of the joyous people.

Author — DuFluR


In Slavic languages 'kraj' means also means 'land', 'state', 'country', 'region' etc. For instance: Polish 'Armia Krajowa' (Army of State), Slovak 'Bratislavský kraj' (Bratislava region), Středočeský kraj - literally 'center Czech lands' - the Prague district. It's pretty obvious that the central, core part of country where the capital placed doesn't mean 'borderland'.
In Ukrainian 'kraj' means 'country', a known Ukrainian motto 'nasha kraina - Ukraina' means 'our country is Ukraine'.

Author — Jiří Kropočev


So Ukrainian history begins from Crimean war? very informative

Author — gobodrodiont


Come on man, you've confused Ukrainian west and east like 5 times throughout the whole video. I love your vids but you should be more careful in your research:
- it's the EASTERN Ukraine that majorly speaks Russian
- it's the EASTERN Ukraine that wants to be more closely aligned with Russia

And it's geographically more logical since the east of Ukraine shares a border with Russia, while the west of the country shares border well, with the WEST (Europe)

P.S. I was born and live in the South of Ukraine

Author — Andrew Grischenko


I keep forgetting the number one rule of YouTube.

Never read the comments.

Author — Rellek


I think the industrial part is the Eastern one, not Western

Author — anton sakharov


It’s just TEACHES fraternity & Liberty 🛰🎥⚜️

Author — Binish Babu


So, how many people died in this Russian 'invasion' of Crimea? One would expect at least a fatal traffic accident. ZERO people died in this invasion because there was no invasion. Russia already had a huge naval base there so why would they invade? Russia is not going to give up this Russian base and port, ever.

Ukraine would be best off having good relations with both the EU and Russia. That was not good enough for the US and NATO so they ruined it. Now there are sanctions on Ukraine trade with Russia so Russia has found other partners. Ukraine was taking Russian gas but not paying for it so Russia is building the Nordstream pipelines direct to Germany. EU did not want much trade with Ukraine but the US wanted to screw with Russia.

Ukraine will end up with little trade and little gas. US and EU will toss them aside when they are done playing with them. The US will help Ukraine like they helped Libya.

Author — eclecticmn


To many inuendoes, thst have nothing to do with video .subject .
And you talk to fast. ! By !



Bullshitting a big time, accusations w/o any evidence.

Author — Igor Bujanović


Put a frame around your light switch plate.

Author — RuxRox


Simplified, inaccurate, tendentious!

Author — Vukan Simic


i love how the thing you got wrong is something as simple as the compass

Author — Boldevin


🤔 do you keep saying west and meaning east

Author — G Rid


No, you are not excused for this very ill-informed 7 minute summary. You Failed the bias test completely!

Author — VickingVic Bubble