CMDR Overreacts to Finding His First Star System | Elite: Dangerous

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Bonus Footage!
One of us reacts a bit strongly after finding his first star system...

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Music: "Giving Up" by the amazing DJ Quads

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I wonder how many star systems in Elite Dangerous have yet to be discovered. How many are just sitting there since launch, waiting to be found?

Author — @krawdad4600


You actually found an unclaimed system, while exploring in a Hauler?!
You madman.

Author — @opticalmoose8091


You are trully the most enjoyable ED youtuber. If you need some extra man power for some of your projects, I would be glad to help out.

Author — @baaaa1023


I was worried that would happen when I found my first earth like
but then I crashed during my first planetary landing attempt after I downloaded horizons 6000 ly from the bubble
then again in the same planet after making my way out there again
I was sure once I got back from the 3rd trip all that would be claimed
wish I had started playing in the beginning

Author — @drewish3840


Dude your videos are so sick I love the music and editing so much!!!!

Author — @teddy7746


I love your vids, keep up the gret work. Honestly you make the only fun videos based on Elite Dangerous.

Author — @emilianodoroteo5884


just getting started love the game just wish I had the time to earn millions of credits I really enjoy your channel

Author — @Osiris_narcrus


it's there like, an almost 100%chance everyone that plays this can claim a system

Author — @clarity-argent2913


That was how I was before I decided a jaunt to sag a* would be a fun thing. Didn't realize I was actually stepping into the total perspective vortex...

Author — @Vrooten


I found my first undiscovered system last night. It only had icy bodies in it, but by god they are my icy bodies

Author — @Jarhead-ye8br


I know this was 4 years ago but nowadays finding a undiscovered system gets kind of old LOL.

Author — @danielwalker26


CMDR: This Star System is mine!
Undiscovered intelligent species: No no, i don't think so...

Author — @goglythe5036


I found a couple systems in whatever cluster all the Swoilz are in, less than 1000ly from the bubble, hurried right back and rescheduled the rest of the expedition to put my character's name in the game

Author — @kentyannayon3741


All of these are mines, except when they're not. lol. The ringed planets are my favorite! I'm still learning how to drive non the less turn in things XD I need a neon blinking "Student Pilot" sticker :'(

Author — @Ashleigh_Johnson


How do you discover stars in an adder? 😂

Author — @GreenShotTf2


funny thing is you keep getting reactions like that only slightly dimmed everytime untill you got atleast 1 of every star/planet type out there... last one i had was a fucking planetary nebula out in the core's edge.

Author — @rasenche4562


Do you know who stole your undiscovered solar system (+ there are a lot of undiscovered systems by Vela Dark region which is just under 1000ly away from the inhabited bubble).

Author — @bradleymcquade


damn sorry about your loss how long till Mars funeral

Author — @brmorde8719


too fast for orbital cruise


Author — @_chirp_6108


You passed up a prime time to use the pelicans from Finding Nemo....

Author — @drauggen486